What Does Your Coffee Mug Say About You?

coffee_and_coffee_beans_highdefinition_pictures_a_167340Okay, an off-beat question, but one I bet you never think about. I realized this one day, when at a meeting, there were a zillion coffee mugs. You get the idea. I laughed as people made their way to the huge coffee urn amidst all the mugs. No one grabbed the first mug they saw. No, they stood around and checked out as many mugs as they could without being yelled at, to get moving. Some people were anxious to put the hot black liquid in a cup and sit down.

During the meeting I looked around the different tables and tried to put a person with the mug. Now, there are females and males at this meeting, so I’m not picking on anyone in particular. One guy sipped his java from a Disney World Cartoon mug. Maybe, this is as close to getting there as possible. Another lady had a mug with a specific city name written in bold, red letters. She could be from there, want to go there, but I do know she loves red. Still, a different female had a mug with cartoon faces of little kids all over the outside. My mind wondered if she had kids at home and this felt comfortable for her. As one guy went back for a coffee refill, I noticed he did a small tap dance, and then looked at the small flowers all over the cup. This is one guy not intimidated by life. Reminded me of Tiny Tim’s song, Tiptoe Through The Tulips. This guy got a lot of hands clapping and big smiles on a lot of faces.

In many places, we grab our paper container and never think about coffee mug. In fact, the places we dine at have their own insignia on the mugs. Better yet, no mugs, but coffee cups. Still, people do carry their own coffee mug with them. How about looking at their coffee mugs and see if you can align the person with their choice.
Tea drinkers are notorious for their choice of mugs, whoops, cups. They like their drink in a more delicate type of holder. One person told me, “Tea tastes best when sipped from China.” Hey, I have no idea. Now, I’m beginning to wonder about beer drinkers and their mugs. Then what about other mugs and cups. Guess I’ll have to watch closer for a good comparison of drinker and container.

Have fun this week and see if you can pick out the correct mug for the drinkers of coffee, tea, and yes beer. Of course, the bottle for them will give away their choice.
Mine, you ask? I have an old, chipped, red, thick mug, which I’ve used for over a decade. I saw it in a Pier One store around the holidays, checked it out, and decided this was mine. Still holds the bold, black coffee and has many years of ‘seasoning’ inside. No, I do wash the mug, but the chips and memories keep the mug in perfect condition.

Happy Writing. Happy Mugs.