An IdeaThe  last post on my blog, we discovered the 86,400 seconds we have every day to use when we need these seconds.  I thought it would be fun to turn this around from time to money. Are you ready?

You have discovered someone, and you do not know who, has provided you with a livable income from now until….? Stop. Let this sink inside your head. No more problems. No more jobs you hate. No more balancing your life and your money, and no need to work. Wow! What a predicament to be in, or so you think. What would you do with – all the time you need and all the money you have? When you have little of either, you can manage with all the restrictions. But, with all, where are the restrictions and which ones would you place on yourselves?

It is neither and both. We have a lot of time and wish we could do everything that means something to us. We could write and never have to worry about the monetary side of life. Now, we have all the money we could ever need, and do not have the time. What a two-edged sword we create with our thoughts.

Much of our lives is spent doing things we do not want to do, but have to do, because of what we’ve been taught to believe. Or, we do things we do not like because of what we think we need to get ahead. These are the two edges of the sword we put before us. We drain our energy before we ever become aware of the possibilities we have.

Yes, we all need time to sleep, eat, revive our souls, and energize our existence.

We need money to have the food we eat, to pay our bills, and pave our ways for better avenues.

If you could have a great job, love what you do, and not get paid the amount you think you should, you would have time to do other things you crave to do, within reason. This way you could see yourselves:
Time  = passion
Work = money
Time + Work = our possibilities at both.

You do not have to give up one for the other, rather combine your new energies to give you the best of both worlds. Now is the time to make changes and energize your lives rather than draining energy from your lives.

What all of this contributes to is PASSION. Your passion for what you want from life and what you have to give to life. Then we realize we have to give to get and get to give.
Take the next few days to look back over your lives and see where your passion rests or not rests and get the PASSION back in your life. Passion of what we really want to do and passion of what we can give is without time or cost. We do this because it makes us feel alive. And, as writers, what better feeling can we give ourselves and our readers? I’d say none. But, it is up to you.

Let me hear from you about PASSION and time vs. money. Feel the passion in your lives begin to come alive. Do you crave more time? Do you need more work? How can you combine both to give you a real PASSION for yourself?

Happy Writing. Grab the Passion and continue forward to new heights.