BlogI am a little late in wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, but what is wrong with the day after? All the hard work is done, like shopping, menu planning, guest lists. The only thing left are the leftovers and memories.

Thanksgiving used to be a simple day, a gathering for family, friends, and strangers. Yes, strangers. Thanksgiving was a day of celebration of the fruits of the harvest and preparations for winter.

Now, we start celebrating our Thanksgivings slid in between the Spirits of Halloween and the Christmas Stockings. Every year, I notice the orange and black colors of Halloween, the red and green colors of Christmas, overshadowing the Pilgrims and turkeys get hidden somewhere down another aisle.

We worry about the menu, the space, and maybe something new. What’s wrong with all of the old stand-by items? Do you realize, we are still celebrating with most of the same menu the Indians had? Let’s take a look, and sorry if  miss one or two: turkeys, wild caught and cooked over a fire, not in one. Potatoes and turnips, grown and dug up just before the big day. Corn on the cob, fresh corn in the bread, later known as cornbread, tomatoes, onions, and pumpkins ready to roast. There was no worry about matching silverware, or even silverware for that matter. Fingers worked great. Dishes may have included woven mats piled high from the open fire. Seating arrangements included the Chief and the rest all squashed in beside him, legs crossed, and the singing or chants to assure blessings today and for future crops.

Now, we sit and wiggle. We try to make the correct choice of fork, spoon and try not to dribble on the linen table-cloth. Instead of being quiet and sharing our thoughts and ideas, we hurry up, and head to the living room, den, or which ever room holds the television. Football is the thrill of the day. Oh, wait! The stores have opened and if we do not dive into the crowds, we will miss the best bargain of the season.

Then, we realize we feel empty, no not in the stomach area, but in the heart and soul. I wish you to have a full heart, a contented soul, and a feeling of gratefulness with all of your families, friends, and acquaintances.

Yes, I am home the day of Thanksgiving and enjoy my friends. I’ve talked to my son and his wife, heard all of the laughter of their family, and still feel as though I am there. Better yet, I am home the day AFTER Thanksgiving and satisfied to be quiet. There is always tomorrow, and I’d rather hit it full of energy, blessings, and not bruises from outlandish shoppers.

I pray that all of you are happy, relaxed, satisfied, and ready to tackle December. We only have one more month to clean up our acts of 2014 and prepare the way for 2015. Let’s do this in high style.


Thanks to all of my followers and letting me spew out a few feelings.  Blessings to all of you and your families. May you gather strength and knowledge and share this with everyone.

Happy Writing. Happy Stories. Happy Lives.







An IdeaThe  last post on my blog, we discovered the 86,400 seconds we have every day to use when we need these seconds.  I thought it would be fun to turn this around from time to money. Are you ready?

You have discovered someone, and you do not know who, has provided you with a livable income from now until….? Stop. Let this sink inside your head. No more problems. No more jobs you hate. No more balancing your life and your money, and no need to work. Wow! What a predicament to be in, or so you think. What would you do with – all the time you need and all the money you have? When you have little of either, you can manage with all the restrictions. But, with all, where are the restrictions and which ones would you place on yourselves?

It is neither and both. We have a lot of time and wish we could do everything that means something to us. We could write and never have to worry about the monetary side of life. Now, we have all the money we could ever need, and do not have the time. What a two-edged sword we create with our thoughts.

Much of our lives is spent doing things we do not want to do, but have to do, because of what we’ve been taught to believe. Or, we do things we do not like because of what we think we need to get ahead. These are the two edges of the sword we put before us. We drain our energy before we ever become aware of the possibilities we have.

Yes, we all need time to sleep, eat, revive our souls, and energize our existence.

We need money to have the food we eat, to pay our bills, and pave our ways for better avenues.

If you could have a great job, love what you do, and not get paid the amount you think you should, you would have time to do other things you crave to do, within reason. This way you could see yourselves:
Time  = passion
Work = money
Time + Work = our possibilities at both.

You do not have to give up one for the other, rather combine your new energies to give you the best of both worlds. Now is the time to make changes and energize your lives rather than draining energy from your lives.

What all of this contributes to is PASSION. Your passion for what you want from life and what you have to give to life. Then we realize we have to give to get and get to give.
Take the next few days to look back over your lives and see where your passion rests or not rests and get the PASSION back in your life. Passion of what we really want to do and passion of what we can give is without time or cost. We do this because it makes us feel alive. And, as writers, what better feeling can we give ourselves and our readers? I’d say none. But, it is up to you.

Let me hear from you about PASSION and time vs. money. Feel the passion in your lives begin to come alive. Do you crave more time? Do you need more work? How can you combine both to give you a real PASSION for yourself?

Happy Writing. Grab the Passion and continue forward to new heights.

86,400 WHAT?

YouFirst question, is this money? Maybe mileage on an airline pass? Or a collection of items in a hobby? You have scratched the surface of your life. This is TIME, the amount of seconds you have every day of your life.

Now that you know you have 86,400 seconds each day of your life, how will you use them? As writers, the answer would be writing, but we cannot write every second of every day. Our well would run dry. Our fingers on the keyboard would not be efficient. Ideas would soon become a jumble and certain thoughts drained out of our heads. So what can we do with this precious gift given to us EACH day?

There are quite a few seconds we need to sleep and rejuvenate our mind and body with good healthy practices. Then we would need seconds to feed our family, like cooking, and getting groceries. We would need seconds to run errands and, of course, check the media part of our lives. We would need seconds to visit friends, go to meetings, and share our thoughts with other people/writers. There would be seconds needed to read for pleasure and research.

Now, this gives you something fun to do and see how many things you can consider. Yeah, you hear the word list and this is a great place to start. Analyze your life for one day, or 86,400 seconds and see where you spend your time. Do you spend time or waste time? Do you give your time to someone else and watch transformations on the other person’s face. Do you volunteer and help others?

These 86,400 seconds are worth more than if there were a ‘$” sign in front. Money comes. Money goes. But the seconds are there each and every day. This is a bank that never runs dry. Yet, living a full life, happiness runs all over the place, and time does have a way of racing by quicker than we think.

When you get up each morning, decide how you will spend your 86,400 seconds. Live Life.  Love well. Stay Happy. Your writing will flourish, your friends become many, and the opportunities you may have overlooked, become plentiful. Have fun with your 86,400.

Until next visit,

Happy Writing.

Openings and Closings

Two friends“I know Patricia has had some problems with her computer, but what about this title? What kind of openings did she locate, and do you think this is our closing?

“Edna, I do not think she is talking about us. We had our openings many years ago, and I’m not ready to close down. I think she’s talking about writing and books.”

“Okay, Ethel. I’ll go along for the ride this time and I hope you are right.”

Yes, this is about writing and books. It could be fiction, sci-fi, non-fiction, romance or any genre, and you gotta grab the reader with the first sentence or first paragraph. Readers have so many things going on in their lives and cannot waste time. It is your job to make them want to stop whatever they are doing and grab your book. Not the question of why am I reading this, rather I’ll read the next chapter and then the next, and the next, and the next.

As a writer, you have created a place the reader can go, forget their troubles, and worry about the characters’ dream and troubles. They could be almost like the reader’s problems, but with a different setting and plot, they are new to the reader. But you have to keep them turning page after page. The plot must be strong and interest them from the opening until the closing.

Closings are where everything that has happened before, the laughs, the cries, the character’s bad side and their good sides must suddenly agree. If you go back to the beginning and see what positions and options you gave your characters, then in the closing you will have such a resonant image that will take you back to the beginning. The promise of dying love fulfilled, a new life,  the mystery solved and your characters are ready more action and so  are you.  Do not disappoint your reader, but have your readers beg and beg for more. Then you have made your openings and closings important for everyone.

Find a book you love and rewrite the ending in a different tone. No, take a pen and paper and write your version. What happens? You throw out your paper and keep what the writer intended for you to read. The same goes for openings. You read a book and think – adjust the opening a little by not giving a real scene for the reader. Oops! Now, you know why the writer started the book this way, and you fell into the spell. Remember, you are playing with your pen and your paper, not the real thing. You are so glad to have the author write the book you love.

“Edna, did you enjoy the ride?”

“Yes, Ethel, and thanks for letting me go with you.”

The next time you pick up a book, go over and over the openings and the closings and make note of what you found. Then when you go write your book, you will know what to do.

Happy Surprises in your Openings and Closings. Happy Writing to all of you.

A Different Blog

See what happens when you are having fun.  Our SilverSneakers group is all for the 3 F’s – Fitness, Friends, Fun. This is our Fall Festival at the 57th Fighters Group. Yeah, I know we were to sit out on the patio, enjoy the cool weather, and watch the planes touch down and take off. But, none of us had control over the weather; so we did the next best thing…We took over the bar area and had a blast. The windows look out onto the runways and we could see the planes come in and take off. Of course, we were much too busy laughing, stuffing our faces with great food, and getting to know each other in a social atmosphere. No, I did not require any exercise at this time. I was going to upload this pic into a huge form, and decided to let everyone try to pic themselves out of the photo.  SS 57th FIGHTER 10-15-2014 001

SS 57th FIGHTER 10-15-2014 003




Now for a glimpse of my wild side. I attended our Georgia Romance Writers Conference, Moonlight & Magnolias for a whole weekend. So many great authors and writers there and the programs were the best ever. We had so many options and classes to take, you just closed your eyes and pointed. I lucked out and shared a room with my birthday friend. Yep, we met several years ago and found out we have the same birthday, but not the same year.  As we went through all of our material, we chose classes a little different and took great notes. Then we shared everything and came up with new ideas and new strategies for our writing.

Then on Saturday night, we had the Maggie’s Award Banquet. All the published authors had entered their stories and now down to the finalists. But, we still had the HUNKS, this year just the HUNK. They are guys that pose for the covers of Romance Writers Books, usually quite down to the buff. And this HUNK, was dressed to the nines and still took time to pose with the writers around him. Just like this:20141011_190852 20141011_190756-1me and Diane. It was great fun and a lot to share with others and have good laughs. Yes our wine glasses are full. He also escorted the Maggie contestants to the stage and then off the stage . This was before the DJ and the dancing started.

Now, to make plans for next year.

I’ll get back on the blog portion by tomorrow night. Just wanted to share this with you since my website took a dive.


Happy Writing. Live Life. Enjoy LIfe. Write More.


Comments are welcome.