PASSION. What’s Yours?

On FireFirst off, you must identify passion. Words that jump into your thoughts might be love, desire, even sex. You are thinking of lovers, and who wouldn’t like those ideas.

But, take another look at passion and see different thoughts or words you come up with or let your mind wander. This time, there is no right or wrongs here.

What about boundless enthusiasm? When a person is filled with so much emotion about a specific subject, thing or place, there is no room to hold the thrill back. What about people who know they have to be the best race car driver ever, or the best football player. What about the person who cannot go a day without reading poetry, or cooking to use her skills?

Okay, so you are an avid reader, but which department do you head toward inside a bookstore. Or, which avenue do you locate on your computer that will take you directly to where you want to go. Maybe it is in the romance area, or suspense area, or gardening, sewing or the ‘how to’ area from anything like car repair, traveling, and yes WRITING.

I remember years ago, the first place I headed was to murders, mysteries, and suspense. My passion was to outwit the author and know the culprit within the first part of the book. Sometimes I hit a big, fat ZERO, and there were times I came close. Yet, these writers made me want to come back for more. Then, I joined a book club and that passion dwindled as I now have other avenues to check out.The book club, and its members, gave me new passions to look forward to reading.

Passion can also include movies, plays, and times of reverence. When you realize that passion is an intense, overwhelming desire or emotion, you can see passion in your lives

There is also a downside to letting passions rule your lives. This happens when a person has a passion of violent emotions or lets envy or extreme anger become dominant in their lives.

Spend some time writing down your passions. You may be pleasantly surprised. This would be a great time to compare how your passions have changed from childhood, teenage years, to the present. Do not hold back. Be honest with yourselves and watch, NO FEEL your passions and all their changes.

Then read your story, novel, poem, or whatever you are working on at the present. Do you have enough passion written throughout the book? Are your characters filled with strong emotions, good and bad? Are you able to have your characters come to a resolution with their passions? Remember to keep the fire in passions burning bright and long.