Butterflies and Writing

Two friends“Hey, Ethel, do you think she’s lost it? How can she compare a butterfly with writing?”

“Have no idea, Edna, but let’s give her the benefit of your doubts until we’ve read her post.”

What is the connection between butterflies and writing? When we write, we want our material fresh, flowing in the right direction, and beautiful. So, why not write like a butterfly. They are gorgeous and float through the air without much effort. They dip onto the leaf of a flower, or rest with wings hovering, and their colors are magnificent. Also, they are not in a hurry.

What would happen if your took your writing up and down, around, over and through, and could sit and hover with certain thoughts in your head?

Lighten up and let your writing become free like a butterfly. When you tighten up your thoughts, they stay tied in knots and your writing gets sluggish. Think of flowing through space with your words and letting them light on a tall tree, or a small bush, and rest. Your thoughts will unwind and become more agile.You’ll think of different words, new words, and watch them fill your computer screen or notebook.

Butterflies do not like captivity and neither should your writing. The words that come to my mind are free- flow, free-write, and even free-fall. Let your writing fill the pages without stress and strain. Think small and free yourself from anxiety with the huge project of writing a book. Follow your pages like a butterfly. Touch down when you see something you like and study your patterns. If you are undecided, hover over that page or section until you can find the free-way to write the description.

Like the butterfly, use your senses. No, not the ones of should or should not, rather focus your brain  on the present. A butterfly does not fly with its eyes closed and neither should you write with a closed mind. We need to zoom  in on what we can see, hear, taste, smell, and the present.Do not beat yourself up, rather pump yourself up with thoughts of a beautiful butterfly sitting on your shoulder.

Why don’t you find a picture of a butterfly and put this on your computer or your desk. Make each day a “butterfly day” and watch your writing flow. Be kind to yourself and your writing will take you where you want to go.

“See there, Edna, she came through again.”

Have a Happy Butterfly Day and Happy Writing