Pretending To Light A Fire

On FireThe last time we talked about pretending to be your character. Has this process worked for you? Are you able to get into your character, be him or her, and let each do the magic to your book or story? Or, do you still want to control your characters?

If this is the problem, again I want to holler, “get out of their way.” Some writers are Plotters with huge charts and descriptions of each character. This gives you a heads up, so you will know what to do with each character.

Then some writers and Panters. Yeah, they sit on their pants and let the words flow. They have the ability to go with the flow. Their characters are foremost in their writing.

In this objective way of writing, you can ask your character what he or she wants, and then dig DEEP and find out what they are passionate about. Let them go and watch what your fingers put on the screen.

Focus on the wants of the character and step back. Sure, you are the writer/author, but if you curtail your characters’ needs, then you miss out on giving the reader a fantastic feeling and connection to the characters.

With each story/novel/book, we know what we want to come out in the end. However, if you program your characters to YOUR  every whim, there will be nothing left in the story. Put YOU aside and watch your characters expand, entrap, and gather your readers to the pages that says . . THE END.

Enjoy. Practice. Revise.  AND . . . .HAPPY WRITING.

Next time, we’ll take another look at your journal process, and you might be surprised. You have been using your journal, right?