Writing Got You Down?

Lost ConfidenceYou go to YOUR writing spot, room, or the corner table of your favorite coffee shop. You relax, open your computer, and find your desire to write . . . GONE. You’ve lost the fire inside you. Why?

Stop trying to write. Yes, stop and do not feel guilty. Every day deadlines, then you need work for your critique group, or maybe just a critique partner, and it is not ready. Your editor reminds you to finish revision one. Seems like everyone wants a piece of you. The joy of writing isn’t there.

Yes, it is, but how can you get it back?

First and foremost — DO NOT PANIC. Relax and breathe deep. No, not just once, but several times. Let your mind meander. Do not think. Give your thoughts a change to roam. Which brings me to an old, old song, sung by Eddie Arnold, “Don’t Fence Me In.”  Check this out on U-Tube. After you read and hear, let this music and words become your motto.

Have you traveled far enough backward to find a time when you could not wait to write? Where were you or what were you working on? Were you in a different city or state? Maybe, you dabbled in poetry or took long walks to come up with just the right setting, AND, yes, your characters talked to you.

Don’t push. Relax and let these old feelings rise up inside you and ideas start flowing. You’ll feel energized and want to write that way again. YOU CAN. Do not judge yourself, but relax and enjoy the moment.