Do You Journal?

images_028I did for a long time and just stopped. Why? I kept asking myself this for a long time and did a search for my old journals. Oh, boy, did I have a shock when reading through them. I had opened myself to a wide stance and held nothing back. It took me three weeks to get through all the old books. I found I had made lists: WRITING, PUBLISHING, FRIENDS, FAMILY, FEARS, HAPPINESS, and I could keep going and going. My writing at time was illegible, some times shaky, and sometimes printed. I tried to study all of these emotions and thought… that was then, this is now.

I put away the old journals and looked at writing in my new notebook. No, not the fancy ones, but a plain old, one subject, College ruled notebook for more space. I needed to think about this and think I did. All day long, my mind strayed back to the list. Is this the same list I want to use or have I changed and need something different?

I decided to try a new approach to journaling, and asked myself why do I want to journal? The first thought rolled off my fingers onto the keyboard in this simple statement: I need to help me with areas of my writing life. Then I stopped. Yee gods, this could take a whole lifetime. So I took this one step further: the craft of writing, the publishing of my work, how do I write, when do I write, and what can I change to become a better writer? Within these three words, my writing life, I opened up a Pandora’s Box, but to my benefit. Sometimes, we need to step back and see where we need to kick ourselves. Yeah, you get the picture.

I can write about the high and low periods and what feelings these give me. I can tell myself about a new book I want to write and jot down some thoughts. I can pick out names for new characters and let them sit and gather strength. No one will see these feelings, except me. This gave me a boost to keep plodding forward. Hey, I might even write about my day and make certain the bad feelings get their fair share.

Then I thought about when I would journal? Late at night or early in the morning. I nixed the late at night. My mind is worn out, used, abused, and tired. Early in the morning my mind would be waking up, struggling for light, and maybe still in the not quite awake period, and give me an insight to my feelings.

I will not put thoughts into my head, but take what thoughts are there to capture in pen, pencil, or on plain paper. No computer. No keyboard. Just the mind and  heart moving your writing instrument over the paper. Who knows? I might write from top to bottom, from right side to the left, from one corner to another corner. These are my thoughts and my notebook. Free thoughts are always the best. Will I give myself a time limit? Yes and no. Yes, if the day looks filled with exercise classes, deadlines, and research. No if this is an ‘off’ day, OR whenever my thoughts start to wonder. Then, I’ll know it is time to cap the pen, put the pencil down, and close the notebook. Will I read what I wrote? NO. NO. NO. This is a process that comes later. I want my thoughts to be free and flow on their own will.

How about you, my Blog Friends? Do you journal and would you share some of your areas of journaling? If you don’t journal why not take up this as a new project to benefit YOU?

I’d love to hear some of the answers as to why you blog, when you blog, and any particular area you push your mind into. NO!!! I do not want to read your journals. These are private and personal. These are your thoughts. No extra eyes here or no extra ears here.