Lori lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she writes women’s and children’s fiction. RENAISSANCE OF THE HEART is her debut novel. She’s also the author of children’s books, RILEY’S HEART MACHINE and CONFETTI THE CROC, both written with the hope that children will celebrate what make them unique. She’s also written award-winning flash fiction pieces and her articles have been featured in various publications.
Lori serves on the Board of Directors for the Children’s Heart Foundation and is the president of their Pennsylvania chapter and has co-chaired Pittsburgh’s Congenital Heart Walks for the past three years. She visits schools to speak about writing, about the human heart and about embracing what makes you special.
Besides writing and spreading awareness about Congenital Heart Defects, her passions include her two daughters, her husband, Mark, her Pittsburgh sports teams and running in 5Ks. Lori is a member of Pennwriters and she loves her local writing groups! She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication and journalism. She also holds a paralegal certificate from Duquesne University and is a former Washington, D.C. paralegal. Visit her website at

Get to Know Lori and her writing:

How long have you been writing? Since college, but I seriously began writing children’s stories in 2002 after my first daughter was born. I made up stories to tell her and then I wrote them down. But it wasn’t until 2009 when a story I wrote for second daughter (about her heart defect) was offered a contract. I began writing adult women’s fiction in 2009 after having a series of dreams that would never leave my mind during the day. It turns out, they were my first characters coming to life!
What attracted you to writing? I remember walking in the woods one day in college following a big snowstorm. I wanted to capture the beauty of the scene – not just the beauty of what I saw but the beauty of what I felt. When I wrote about snowy walk, I loved the way it made me feel – like music to my soul. Writing eventually became something I did not just do to express myself, but it became something I needed to do, had to do.
What is your favorite thing about writing? The moment when a scene or a chapter comes together and exceeds my expectations. When I see it go from a bunch of words into art. When I read back over something I’ve written and think, wow, I wrote that?! And I also love when I’m not at my laptop but off doing something else, and my characters start talking in my head and create a whole scene when I hadn’t even planned to write that day.
What is your least favorite thing about writing? The business side of it is tough. If only we writers could spend all of our time creating, but that’s just not the reality of it.
How do you respond to a negative review? Fortunately so far, I’ve only received positive reviews. I’m sure it’s bound to happen soon, though. I know I can’t please everyone, so it’s inevitable. I hope I can take it for what it’s worth and focus on the positive feedback. But, most likely, I’ll cry a little!
Do you have a favorite quote?
It’s hard to pick just one but I’ll go with the one I open my first chapter with: “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant. If we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” —Anne Bradstreet

If your story was turned into a film, what Hollywood stars would play the two main characters?
Susan Rafferty from the TV show Suits would make a perfect Amanda. And Bradly would definitely be Ryan Reynolds!

Now for the book:


After her husband of fifteen years comes out of the closet, a blindsided, forty-year-old Amanda Lewis is forced to salvage what remains of her shattered heart and navigate a new life for herself and her teenage daughter. But will a sizzling secret romance with a famous young NFL quarterback lead her to winning the life she deserves or set her up for her biggest loss yet?

As she embarks on the journey of rebuilding her home, Amanda discovers that finding forgiveness and repairing her damaged self-worth are her biggest challenges of all. While searching her soul–and even searching inside her city’s history–she finds answers. But will answers come too late and can a broken heart ever be truly fixed?

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  1. Great post. Love the quote you live by…something to really think about. As authors, I think we all have those moments where we say, “Wow, I wrote that?”
    Best of luck.

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