SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHere is Jennifer Yost, aka Jevenna Willow. The author who can’t stop writing, which makes her readers happy.

Jevenna lives in Wisconsin in the same small town she was born in. She is happily married and has two wonderful sons: one in college, and one now in middle school. Most say they married their high school sweetheart. Jevenna married the cute guy she’d met in her kindergarten class when she was five years old. Quite romantic! She has spent the last twenty-five years as co-owner of the family dairy farm and writes in her spare time. With a smile, this translates to wet springs, cold winters…so, pretty much all the time.
She is a PRO member of RWA and Green Bay chapter member of WisRWA, and writes contemporary, historical, suspense, and paranormal romances, sometimes combining the genres. When not writing—and not farming—she loves to kayak, and do just about anything outdoorsy. Her motto she lives by: “Every life should have nine cats…and one great man!”

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Sinners of Old Creek Series-1



Book Blurb: Loni Mele`, a night school marketing teacher at the local community college—her student’s final exam is how to sell her something she has no intent to buy anymore. Sex. And, she has a dead cat in her trunk, from a bad relationship gone wrong. Could her night get any worse? Yes. It can…when she discovers FBI Agent Mitchell Bateman, intent on getting his way.
A man on a mission, Mitch wants only one night with Loni to be able to forget his partners’ suicide. As part of the elite Unit 14, Telepathic Investigation, he can ‘hear’ other’s thoughts. He knew Loni wanted him—but he never thought it would end up with Loni filled with regrets he’d promised her she would not have, and the both of them on the run from a guy desperate enough to end lives.
As an Agent, Mitch should have been protecting Loni, not sleeping with her. Working against those who are one step ahead of him at all times, and may know of his talent, Mitch isn’t going to hold his breath for another tomorrow…until he can just get through today.

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How long have you been writing? I’ve been writing for seventeen years. Off and on, I did not pursue publishing anything until 1998. Rejection after rejection letter, I’d gotten a little disgruntled with the whole process. Yet I couldn’t stop writing, and thankfully didn’t.
Then, out of the blue I bit the bullet and joined RWA, and my life changed forever.

I never thought I would have five signed contracts and go into Indie publishing, too, but that’s exactly what happened. And I still have to pinch myself to believe I have books out in the world being read by folks. And not just one book…Lord, I do believe the total is up to twelve now… and steadily growing. My goal by the end of 2014 is to have 15 in print. Which 15 is in the hands of fate.

What attracted you to writing? It wasn’t an attraction, as much as a possessive nature that could not be curbed. The stories are there, all jamming back and forth in the mush of my brain, and my fingers seem to keep typing them. The day that stops had better be the day they put me six feet under, but I’m sure Heaven has an old typewriter I could politely borrow, and then more will come out of me. Not sure what the genre of those would be, but I’ll wait for that suspense when I get there.
What is your favorite thing about writing? It sure as heck isn’t editing!!
I’d say it’s creating that one perfect relationship, where no matter what happens, in the end they’ll kiss and make up.
Plus…I get to vent my inner fury by killing off some of my more-than-ill-fated characters, leaving open an otherwise inhabitable prison cell

What is your least favorite thing about writing?Eeegaads, the worst thing an author has to do is dissect off their brilliance from the written page. And yes, we all think we are brilliant and everyone will love everything we write. But this isn’t the case, and there is always someone in the wings (Not naming any names) who says differently and asks that a chapter or two, sometimes eight or nine, get rearranged.
No author wants to rearrange. We want to create! That’s why we’re here.
Editing is like hacking off a limb, then sticking it where God never intended it to be. Painful. Very, very painful.
How do you respond to a negative review? I don’t. My reason is simple. A few years back I was told to quit while ahead, my writing sucked, and I should do something else. Like farming wasn’t enough for her?!
I didn’t quit, I have 38 books written, all slowly being published due only to time constraints, and I don’t hold grudges. Probably should, but don’t.

Taking to heart a negative review would be like taking a look at a really ugly outfit on a person, then blatantly calling the person out for wearing it in public. I’m better than that. They might like the color they’re wearing, even if I don’t. They may not like my writing, even if I do. A win/win all around.
Do you have a favorite quote?
No. Not really. My life is not lived by what others have said before me. It’s lived by what is planned for me, and I don’t have any real say in that plan, do I?
If your story was turned into a film, what Hollywood stars would play the two main characters? I could answer this quickly on a few of my other books, but for HIGH EDGES I will have to give it some thought. He’d have to be tough, muscular, takes-nothing-from-no one; a guy hardened on the outside, but not the inside. Mix that with gorgeous to-die-for looks, sweet and romantic to the love of his life when she least expects it of him…Is there an actor fitting this bill? Of course there is. Thousands of them. But what I like to do is never give the image a name. Let the reader decide what he or she wants Mitch Bateman to look like. It’s why we read books…infinite use of the imagination.
But the female character, Loni Mele will definitely have to be Native American. I won’t back down on that. EVER!

1. Sass
2. One good slap
3. Handcuffs, on someone
4. Expensive car
5. Stiletto heels
6. Muscles
7. the word Albeit
8.. Swearing (Sorry, can’t help it)
9. Redemption of a past mistake
10. Sex 
What is in the works next? I have another coming August out with Soul Mate Publishing, Breathless Response.  It’s actually one of my favorites. Has the humor, the sexual heat, the thrill of the chase…I can’t wait for readers to get their hands on Book 1 of Bad Girl’s Redemption series.
And when I mean bad girls…I mean bad.
But all is forgiven, or it wouldn’t be a romance.
And then, I’m playing catch-up to another series of mine, Saving the Sinners of Preacher’s Bend. Book 1, 120 MPH is out now and in print, ISBN-13:978-1499399424. Book 2, Roundabout Road is available as print,, ISBN-13: 978-1499755480, and Seduction of Saber is coming very soon. Small town, big secrets.

Blurb for Breathless Response:

FBI Agent Jack Murray is going to take down Shelby McGuire by any means necessary. The woman is conning men out of hard-earned money for phony coins, and Jack hates con women—of any kind.
Shelby is also part of Jack’s past. He’d been her rock, her shoulder to cry on, and her lover while she was married to a man who beat her, and who Shelby murdered in cold blood.
Shelby is now out of prison on a technicality and Jack is dragging his heels; hasn’t decided if he is going to take her down as the FBI wants him too, or fall hard for the woman yet again.
She’d been good for him, but burnt twice by the same con should be avoided like the plague. Shelby says she wants out, but can Jack believe her, especially when she is so great at lying to men to get her way?

Thanks Jevenna for your conversation and information. I’d like to find your idea jar!



  1. Okay, this sounds like a great read to me. I just finished Wise Indecision yesterday….look for the review of it coming soon. It looks like you are on a roll… keep rolling, girl, keep rolling!

    • Oh, I’m rolling…but on some days it’s more downhill than up. But those up days…!! Nothing is better than ‘creating’ something, even if it’s only printed word. Thanks so much, summersrye.

    • It was actually hard thinking up 10. It’s always hard for an author to step back and take a critical look at what he or she writes, then ask his or herself ‘Hey, what are those 10 things?’ Glad you liked them Steve.

  2. I love that you didn’t give up, Jevenna! If we remain strong, our writing will be strong. I may never write that best seller but it won’t be because I didn’t try. Best of luck to you!!

    • Thanks so much, Larynn…and believe me, we would ALL love to write that best seller. In our own right, we do. If a book makes you smile, have a good laugh, or brings a tear to the eye, then I would consider it pretty darn close to being great.

    • Thanks so much Maggie. Tell your friends, tell everyone you meet…. 🙂 As you can see from above, I can’t stop, so there will be something for everyone, eventually.

  3. Great post. That’s so cool that you met your husband in kindergarten!

    I can’t believe how prolific you are. Whew! And I, too, loved your list of ten things. I have most of those in my novels, too. 🙂

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