WheeeeeeHello friends, readers, followers. I hope you are enjoying meeting a lot of my author friends and their new works. I have quite a few more to share with you, BUT wanted to let you know I miss chatting with you.

How do I know it’s Summer?  Besides, heat, humidity, thunder, lightning, and downpours of rain, my hairdresser told me last Friday, “Happy Holiday.” I stared at her–what holiday? “The 4th of July,” she replied. Since I only come in when every hair sticks out straight, up, or out of control, she was right.

On my way home, I became aware of the banners attached to poles announcing the “PEACHTREE ROAD RACE.” Runners practice early morning, mid-morning, afternoon, evening, whenever they can. Sure, I’d noticed more runners than usual, but never gave it a thought about JULY?? I can walk up a block and catch the racers as they run by. Yeah, I clap, yell, scream holler and wished I’d tried it earlier in my years. But, the best part are the wheelchair runners. This moves your heart and inspiration and respectability to full alert. Promise, I’ll try to get pictures if my camera behaves. I point at the object or people and my camera turns the other way. I even took a Camera 101 class and I cannot get the thing to cooperate. But, will do the best I can.

Summer presents a lot of opportunities for writers. Yes, we can sit at the pool and write, or not. Someone asked me, “do you ever get a vacation?” My reply shocked both of us. “Every day is a vacation. I find new clouds in the sky to move and inspire me. Thunderstorms are powerful and I can watch them inside as they blow treetops around me in frenzied patterns on the outside. I’ve noticed the squirrels around my condo, digging in for what the needs might be and ignoring my footsteps near them.  Good sign? Bad Sign? Hunger Sign? Kinda like, ‘please step around me, I’m busy.’

Every day brings new opportunities to all of us, especially writers. As a writer, I tend to notice different things. Summer brings people out of their hidey-holes and into the mainstream of events. People, in general, seem to be more talkative and given the chance can talk you into hearing loss. Music takes people to outdoor concerts, blankets on the park grass, kids dancing to different drum beats, and oops….mom and dad dancing on the grass make the kids run into hiding.

Never, never let go of your summer traditions: picnics, grilling, volleyball, watching your kids play baseball, soccer, or falling asleep under a big oak tree. Enjoy your Summer and look at all it has to offer from a family point of view, a single point of view, but from every point of view of a writer.

Put summer in your writing this year. Remember, come winter, we all want to feel warm, relaxed as only Summer can give us.