images_025This has been me for the past week. Wide awake when both eyes needed to shut. Why? If I knew the answer, then I could sleep. Do you ever have this problem?

I get enough exercise during the day. Try to eat the healthy foods, but sometimes slip in a juicy burger. I feel like…”where’s the beef,” when my body craves good old red meat and the iron. Then back to the healthy for another long ride.

I try to go to bed at the same time each night, even on weekends. Do not mess with the schedule of rhythms for your sleep. Okay, I don’t. Maybe I should once in a while and see if this could bring shut-eye to me.

Working on the computer in the evenings might be bad for sleep, but worse if something in my head can only come out through my fingertips. Some of my most energetic thoughts seep out at night-time. Yeah, there’s a pad beside my bed, but I can never read what I wrote the next morning.

Do I have stress? Do you have stress? Do we have stress? Of course, this is part of living each day. Sometimes, we let others interfere when we cannot say “no.” Then, we put the pressure on ourselves to do more, be more, and soon there is no more left. No wonder eyes do not shut.

I’ve tried meditation and at times, this has slowed down my brain waves, but as soon as I stop meditating, they pick back up at their regular speed – FAST.

Warm milk, no thanks. I’d be running to deliver this to the white contraption in the bathroom. Turn down the thermostat. Of course, this is necessary when the hot weather and humidity seem to creep in through walls, outlets, windows, and anything with a hole in it. Lights are off. Who could sleep with a light on? Even a ‘nite lite’ would throw shadows on the wall and my mind would become creative in trying to get every shadow named and find a place for it in my work in progress.

Music would not work for me. I love jazz. This is not the best ‘go to sleep’ music. Then I check and make certain all appliances are OFF. Double check the locks, and fall back into bed exhausted. Do my eyes close? Of course not.

These extra chores only create more thoughts for more stories. And my mind is running on its own schedule.  Hey, even the night shades are a mess.  I do not want something covering my eyes. I might miss something.

Noise is something we can control – ear plugs. Then I worry about a break-in and not hearing someone creep inside. Thanks, but no thanks.

So, tonight, I’ll forget about the bed time schedule, and keep truckin’ until my eyes close. If you can’t decipher any of this, then you know my head is on the keyboard. And I am asleep while you are awake reading.

May all of you have pleasant dreams and wake up refreshed and ready to tackle any thing that comes your way.  Beautiful daydreams, too.