images_063This is a “be kind to yourself” day. Even when we relax, we always have our computer close by. Why? We are writers and we write. It’s like being naked without a pen, pencil, notebook, or a scrap of paper. Hey, even napkins work.

But for today, let’s not worry and get our calm back. Take a deep breath, Avoid the short breaths and make the inhalation come from way down in your abs. Do this slow and feel the air circulate through your body to your nose. Then, exhale back in slow motion and feel the air return through all parts of your body. Didn’t know you had such great lungs, did you? Try again and again until this becomes a part of your daily activities. You can do this as you write without any problems. Well, maybe a couple: you might find yourself breathing in new ideas from way down or new thoughts about a revision. Kinda fun, right?

How long have you been researching, writing, or revising? Are your fingers cramped? Is your butt numb? Are your legs crossed and your feet wrapped around a leg? Get up. This is a no-brainer. Get up and move around. Stretch your body. Roll your shoulders up to your ears. Release and let your shoulders relax. Get those legs uncrossed and stretch up on your toes. If you are wearing shoes, let your toes play. Run them like you are on a beach and in the sand. Don’t these ten little ‘piggies’ seem happier?

Now, for the best part, tighten every muscle you own in your body. Yes, every single muscle and make certain they are tight. Start with your scalp and keep going downward. You will feel muscles you never even knew existed. Why? Because writers tend to think with the brain and forget about all the other parts that keep the brain thinking.

Get up. Walk around. Stretch your arms over your head. Bend from the middle downward and remember you should be doing your deep breaths all of this time. Ready for some fun? EEKS! There is more? The best is last. Find yourself a straight-back chair, not the roller at your desk, and stand in front. The calves of your legs need to almost touch the chair, ALMOST. Begin your deep breathing, push your butt back, your back is straight and begin 20 squats. YES, TWENTY. This will feel so good, you will go for twenty more.

Okay, before you crumble into your soft chair by the desk, ask yourself? Don’t I feel better? Aren’t my nerves a little more calm?

Wait? I even hear new voices. My characters are alive and well. Heck, a couple are even laughing. Not only have you invigorated yourself, you have given your characters a reason to come forward and workout with you.

May you and your characters enjoy June 1, 2014. We are in the summer mood. Who knows, maybe your stories will take on a more relaxed attitude and you can continue the kindness to yourselves.

Write. Write. Write. Stretch. Stretch. Stretch. Be Kind To Yourselves.