This will cover Friday and Saturday. Friday was a lost cause. Seconds turned into minutes, which turned into hours, which turned into another day, and you can figure out the rest. Reminds me of Jim Croce’s old song, TIME IN A BOTTLE. Then I could open up the bottle and pour out the amount of time I needed.

I’ve been thinking about characters and names all week. A non-writer friend asked me the question of naming my characters. I realized I had no set pattern. If I wrote historical or historical romance, a lot of research would be done to find names used in a specific period. This might be a starting point, but location and personality would also have to fit in.

Then, I wondered about Sci Fi or Paranormal. These are not my genres either. So, a Google search would begin, along with researching other books.

Every writer has their own formula or routine for giving their character(s) a name. I start out with the story. What is it about. How many characters will I create, including the heroine and hero. I start writing without names until I know each character inside and out. Their viewpoints, their quirks, their hair color and length, eyes, and if they have a habit of snapping back, or rolling with the punches. Some personalities designate the name for you. What if your character is serious, business oriented, and uptight, then you have to use a name to fit these traits. If your character is flamboyant, never takes anything or anyone serious, and insists on ‘knowing it all,” you may have to instigate another search.

Have any of your characters come right out and given you their name? No, I did not lose my mind. As writers, our characters become part of us, give us information they want the reader to see. If you write a series, then watch out. Characters can become demanding, intimidating, and jealous. Are some of your characters argumentative with the way you write them into your story or hate the name you attached to them? You will soon know.

But, what about YOU?  Do you have a process to name your characters? It would be great to get some of YOUR IDEAS and see about incorporating them into my blog. If you want to participate, please email me ( or send in your comments, and I will put your name with your ideas and share with the followers.