images_064The weekend used and forgotten. Now, you are on the work path, complete with blocks, hefty upward climbs, and feel out of breath. Nothing looks level and no staircases lead downward appear. You need ‘wiggle room.’

“No, I need to get X, X, X, and X done in a hurry.”

“Hey, forget the list for a while. All those X’s will not disappear. Why haven’t you given your self a little ‘wiggle room’ to take deep breaths, make changes, take a walk, listen to some of your favorite music and enjoy a glass of vino?”

“Lady, you are as crazy as the bear trying to write with a big crayon.”

“Maybe, but take a look at, and I’m gonna say, HIS, face. This is a picture of enjoying what you do. Why can’t you?”

Because, if we allow ourselves time, we get nervous, fidget, squirm and excited. We schedule our live so close to the edge we have no room to wiggle or wag ourselves. Every second, minute has to be accounted for in making ourselves feel worthwhile. There can be no down-time, no room to wiggle our toes in the sand, or even in our shoes. Everything has to be done….NOW….and PERFECT.  Sound like we’ve heard this before?

Sure, our work as writers is important. We have contracts to fill, new works to produce, and marketing to all of our customers. This is important and we try to do it all. But, what about our family lives? The people who step back and give us room to do all of these things. They know how to wiggle. They learn how to dance around our schedules, enjoy life, and still be there for us. Step back for a moment or two and watch their actions. I bet you find some of the following attributes:

1. Action for fun.

2. Make room for research:  either on your computer or in person.

3. Have alternatives in place.

4. Enjoy downtime.

5. Laugh. Laugh. Laugh.

Sure, we have responsibilities, but when we let these take over our lives, we are not in charge. We program ourselves to open mouth and repeat, Yes. Yes. Yes. We cannot let others see our imperfections. We overextend ourselves, our lives, and sometimes our families.

I want to suggest to all of you, and me, slow down. The more on your plate, the more you end up forgetting or yes, screwing up. Our thoughts and writing become easier when we have room to think, walk, and scrutinize our surroundings. Learn how to wiggle your toes in your shoes and maybe the sand. Take a break and walk, outside, if possible. Setting for a long time deadens your feelings. Okay, you may have had the same idea, but not only the butt gets numb, but other parts of our body. Do not do this to yourself. Torture is not the antidote to your problems (and mine), just a way of avoiding what we need.

For the next week, schedule in some ‘Wiggle Room’ and see how much more you can accomplish with your work, family, and life.

Wiggle on Wednesday, produce greater works, live and love your life and…..

Happy Writing every day.