YouI don’t know about you, but this has been a long, hard week. In fact, the month of April has been difficult. The expectation of Spring pushed back by rain, wind, hail, sleet, snow, tornadoes, earthquakes and mudslides. Gosh, when you list them, April turned into a monster.

Today, change hats and bring Spring back. You will need to go to your memory bank and dig deep. First off, tackle music. What? Remember Gene Kelley’s “Singing in the Rain? And the “April Showers?” song. Spring and I think about Tiny Tim’s “Tip Toe Through the Tulips.”

Okay, go on to hats: Easter bonnets, not just for the kids, but the big floppy hats for women. Men and their sons had small flowers worn on their suits and jackets.

Easter Egg Hunts? No, not the commercialized acre hunts for all the town. Rather  the start at home with boiling eggs with NO cracks. Getting the store-bought dyes the right color and not cracking the eggs as they settle in the dye mix. Then you needed the right basket, with fake grass inside for the eggs to call home. The kids helped on this project. After their bedtime, you have to find the right places to hide the eggs and baskets in your home and/or outside in the yard. Ya know, I can feel your smiles.

What about our Writer Hats? Do you dress the part of your character when you need a punch to your writing? If your setting is on a each area, have you ever dressed in shorts, halter, go barefoot while writing a scene. What if you are in a Western/cowboy setting? Do you have a big cowboy hat to throw on and catch your heroine? Or maybe a tight pair of jeans to taunt the hero.

No matter what genre you write, there are always hats, clothes, gloves, long dresses, short or even shorter ones to slip into while you bring the character(s) to life.

Be your character for one day or more. Put on their favorite color, aftershave, yes ladies, dab a bit on your arm. Or spray her special perfume behind your ear.

Then be prepared to hit those keys with VIGOR. Do not be surprised at what your character(s) write for you.

Big Hats. Big Dreams. Jazz up your Friday.

Happy Writing.