images_005Yes, I can hear you now. One, this is Tuesday. Two, Madness goes with March and basketball. All of this is true, but when the madness hits, believe me, you will know how it feels.

After a beautiful weekend of sunshine and warmer weather, I wanted to hit the week at full speed. I needed to accomplish so much. Revising my second novel topped the list, followed by all the classes to teach, and the usual laundry, cleaning, cooking, and DREAMING. Yes, I consider dreaming as part of being alive.

Madness hit early Monday morning. I did not hear the alarm, which started the day out in a hurry. Running late is no fun; no keys played on my computer. Dressed and ready to tackle the day, the car keys are not in their usual place. I looked in all the areas I could think of, which are few in a small condo, and found nothing. Panic sets in. Where? They are not in the car as I need them to get inside. And, I am inside, right?

Ready to scream and let the neighbors wonder, I picked up my gym bag and heard a sound unfamiliar with tennis shoes, towel, and other necessities. I did a thorough search by dumping the contents on the floor, including the keys.

A deep breath for more air, as I raced out the door. At the elevator, I ran back to make certain the door locked. One good thing. The elevator was slow. Can’t waste precious time, so practiced some of the choreography of the class.

Now, inside my car and headed to the gym, all the traffic lights became red. Even the songs on the radio seemed odd and off-key. Lunch? I could see this sandwich in the fridge and my water beside the plastic bag. No time to run through any drive in.

Made it to the parking lot with a growling stomach, but no accidents. Maybe the madness is passing. Of course not, there were no small bottles of water to purchase, only the BIG ones. I searched the cracker rack for my favorite, which has peanut butter inside. None left. I couldn’t teach with a stomach screeching, so settled for crackers and cheese.

By mid afternoon, I was headed back home. As I locked up and opened the door, my keys dug into my hand. No way would I misplace them, today. Dropping the gym bag on the floor, I opened the fridge and pulled out my sandwich and a small water. Taking my lunch to the sofa, I sat back and relaxed. A small sacrifice, before the evening chores.

As the sun tried to hide behind the horizon, I took time for a small dream and found maybe these Mad Mondays are there for a purpose. To make one appreciate every day. Yep, it is Tuesday and I feel almost back on track.

Enjoy every day, even if it turns out MAD. It is one more day to conquer in a week, month, year of days to come. If nothing else, Dream your biggest dream on your MAD days.  Then. . . .