Dialog Silence?

Lost ConfidenceYou don’t think I’d tell, would you? Look at my tie, the white-collar. I’m a gentleman and we do have our limits. Mine is holding secrets.

Hey, this is great, but what do you do in a fiction conversation?

What ever the character wants me to do, within reason. Sometimes, I leave out words, phrases, and make the character and the reader wonder. This makes the reader strain closer to hear what is being said by written words. Can you get your reader closer to the conversation by deleting something and giving your reader the chance to put the words, he or she, wants to come out of the dialog?

Let’s practice:

“Where is this hunk you told me about?” “What hunk? I mentioned a guy from my office.” “No, I’m sure you said hunk.” “You did not understand what I said.”

So who is filling who with what? Why would one person want to know? Is she a busybody, or trying to dig out information? Maybe your reader doesn’t need to know at this time.

How many times, in real conversation or in book conversation, do you drop words? Why? Maybe you do not want the other person to know everything about you or your character. You can do this anytime you want, but be subtle and not condescending. This becomes your secret to your conversations and gives your readers – I gotta hear this.

Do you ever wake up at night and think….Damn, that was the wrong response. Now, how do I retract and stick it to the right character? Go back and reread all this conversation. Is there some place where you zigged when you should have zagged. Do not worry. You are in fiction and you can erase and input whenever you want.

What about confrontation?  Look back at dialog fire and where you acted out your feelings and conversation with your character(s). Maybe a heated argument takes the conversations to  new level. Or, maybe one character does not take the bait to go further. Now, you do have moments of the pointing of fingers: You said..she said..he said..who said?

Look at how much fun you can have creating captivating conversations? Go back. Reread you work. Throw in conversations to entice you readers, stimulate your characters, and leave you smiling on a Saturday night.

Happy Writing.