What did you sayWhat do you mean, Wacky Wednesday? This is the middle of the week. Nothing ‘wacky’ about this. It means we’re half-way through another week and only a few days left until the weekend. Before we go any further, do you know all the uses of the word ‘wacky?’

Sometimes we use words we’ve heard so many times, we forget all the definitions that come with the word. When I started this blog, the sound of Wacky and Wednesday seemed to go together. Then curiosity got this owl. My Thesaurus came off the shelf and research became interesting.

No, you won’t get all the definitions. This blog would not hold them all, but take a look at a few and see what these mean to your Wednesday: foolishness, asinine, silliness, frivolousness, nonsense, craziness, madness, and eccentricity. These are some of the nouns. Okay, let’s look at some verbs: be foolish, horse around, make a fool of, monkey around, go haywire, do the crazy act are a few.

What I found interesting, the number of adjectives this word inspired: screwy, nutty, mad, insane, thoughtless, idiotic, unwise, absurd., bizarre, and the words go on and on. What surprised me? Adverbs. There are few and you will recognize them by the ‘ly’: foolishly, idiotically, blindly, senselessly,  and unthinkingly are on the list.

Okay, this is a free-write of my ‘Wacky Wednesday.’ Do not hold me accountable, but I am putting this out for all to see. Is it the truth? Is it fiction? Hey, I’m not responsible for what my mind conceives as I free write.

But, what I want you to try now, is make up a paragraph of your own ‘Wacky Wednesday’ using some of the nouns and verbs in this post. Forget the adjectives and the adverbs. As writers, we are to use strong verbs and nouns picture perfect so no adverbs or adjectives are necessary, correct?

Okay, I drove to work in freezing weather. The heater in my car had other ideas. This is assigning. My fingers turned white, my gloves did not help, but the cup of coffee did. Trying to hold on to this and driving in traffic, I endured complete madness. A go crazy mood encountered every driver I saw, let alone tried to pass. Who has time to monkey around on a Wednesday morning? Then at a red light, a lady driving an older model car (even older than mine) had the back window down. A pad covered the back seat onto the small part between the window rolled down. A dog’s face rested on the pad. His/Her, I do not know, but the nose did NOT go past the window. You saw nostrils breathe in and the warm air breath out. This pet was relaxed and comfortable. As the light turned green, I honked and gave the owner a “high-five.” Isn’t it great what we can learn from our pets.

May your “Wacky Wednesday’ turn into a day to remember, remember, and remember.

Happy Wednesday.