BlogWhat has your Saturday done for you? For some this will be a chance to relax from a brutal work week. Others will be busy catching up on chores. Still, you can bet there will be some who grab the opportunity for thrilling moments, and sweeten their life a little. A take a chance attitude.

With the arrival of the Dogwood Festival, you know it is Spring in Atlanta.  This annual festival is held in Piedmont Park, the center of activity for families, guys, gals, dogs, cats, roller blades, frisbee actions, but for this weekend NO. The park is filled with artists from all over the country, smells of barbecue, grills with the biggest burgers and long hot dogs and music. There are so many different forms of art, which include sculpting, one-of-a-kind statues, pottery, clowns, and people – plenty of people.

People, no matter their age,  touch, hold hands, become young again. Smiles cover almost every face, not the frown of a workweek, but an awakening of a Sensuous Saturday. These people are pleasure seekers and ready at a moment’s notice. Some sit on benches around the lakes, still holding hands, arms around shoulders, and you hear laughter. In some instances, giggles.

Children welcome the time to be with their parents. You hear shrill laughter and see dads swing their young’uns up in the air or around in circles. So, the mustard gets on clothes, red sauce runs down chins, this is energy of the young and not so young.

From a whole day of engaging, physical, and captivating senses, the day dwindles to a close for most. Still music plays until the closing time. You can be certain a lot of swaying, irresistible feelings spring forward. What can you expect from a sensuous Saturday.

As you return home, you realize what an appealing day you encountered. No rules. No regulations. No questions. No answers. Yet, your mind races backward and you capture the unwritten parts of the day. You cannot wait to get to the keyboard and put some of this in words. As you do, you enter a different life. Not yours, but of the people you encountered today. The gratification of a Sensuous Saturday fills your screen and you are off on another story.

We need to have these Saturdays more often. It does not have to be a festival, but something we need gratification from rather than always be the one to give. If this sounds selfish, I’m sorry to have hit that button. Yet, we all need to let go and give ourselves over to:  a long massage with the candles, oils, and the trained hand of the master of the hour. Hey, guys, this includes you too. Maybe both of you can treat each other. If not, maybe a long, luxurious bath with your own candles and oils. Whatever turns you on, go for it. When you allow yourselves to be sensuous for a Saturday, you will gather more and more information about life, living, loving, and yes, feelings.

So, kick back and enjoy. Don’t worry about tomorrow. It will come soon enough.

Hang on to your Sensuous Saturday for the whole twenty-four hours.

Happy Saturday to all of you.