99440ac3-d93e-450b-a356-69420d72c9e5When you see or read “Wild Wednesday” all sorts of images race through your head. When you look at the kittens on this page, wild may give you a different thought.

To some, wild might mean getting groceries on Thursday rather than Wednesday. Anytime the norm is not followed this can create havoc for a lot of people. Wild can be something new you’ve never tried. If it is your writing, maybe you decided to try a different genre, or a make your characters a younger age, one you may have forgotten.

Wild might mean getting a new hair style for the females or growing a mustache for the men. Remember the “wild hair” terminology? People got this title when they acted in an unusual manner and had fun. Writing this brought back some neat memories. One came to me full force. This was when bookstores had areas to study, write, drink your coffee, eat a bagel or whatever. I walked into the lounging area and sat at a table close to a small, silver-haired lady. She had a big book held at an angle and snickered at times and then blushed. I had to interrupt, “Excuse me, it looks like you have found a great book. Would you share the title with me?” I got the look like, how dare you, but she smiled and motioned for me to come closer. Inside her big book was a small book of erotica writings. “My generation would disown me if they saw what I was reading. They may be old, but I’m not.” She stood up and proceeded to do a tap dance, rather part of a tap dance before the manager approached. “Dancing is now allowed here, ma’am.” Without hesitation, she relied. “Sir, this is not a dance, this relieves the cramps in my legs,” and sat back down. “You gotta be fast on your feet these days to outwit the older ones.”

Then today, Wednesday, I stopped to feed my car its expensive liquid diet. I noticed an elderly man going up to the customers at the pumps. He nodded to the women and shook hands with the men. I heard the click and removed the nozzle from my car as he approached. I was startled and apprehensive, but he smiled and handed me a crisp, new one dollar bill. “A free cup of coffee for you,” nodded and walked to the next stranger. I climbed back in my car and sat staring at the dollar. My Wild Wednesday began. I needed to find someone and ‘pay this forward.’ I did this afternoon and what a great wild feeling this gave me. “A free cup of coffee for you.”

Wild can be an action out of the norm. Try this on some of your characters and wait for their responses. You might be surprised.

Do your Wild Thing today and happy writing along the way.