On FireHow did your “Snoop” day go? Did you have a good time?

Snooping to be nosey, is not a good thing. Snooping to gain interesting conversation pieces, thoughts, ideas, this is fun, at least for writers.

I did my snooping while on errands. At the grocery story, the lines were long, the cashier friendly and talkative, so I had plenty of time to listen to the customers around me. Talk of higher prices…no. The weather…no. Kids…no. Then two ladies, apparent friends, had their heads together. Lips moved, eyebrows raised, one held onto the grocery cart like it was about to disappear, the other kept shaking her head. I could not hear the conversation, but their facial expressions, and squeezing the handle of the cart, gave me ammunition.

Next, I had to pick up a few items from a department store. Crowded, no overflowing with people would be a better description. Kids screaming and some pushing their “I’m a little shopper,” carts into anyone and everyone they saw. I kept my distance from these unlicensed drivers, but remembered some of the expressions of the customers. One elderly lady had the courage to walk over to a little kid, “Where are your parents?” The mother ran forward, “Do not scream at my child.” The elderly lady replied in a quiet voice, “You do not have a child, but a monster.” No response. How does one reprimand a little old lady with white hair, a walker, and a beautiful purple dress.

I stopped to give my auto its weekly food allowance. Not the best place for snooping. Yet, while the fill-up took place, I paid attention to the number of people flowing in and out of the establishment’s food court. Gender is not important. What got my attention was the size of the customers, the amount of food they carried in their hands, devouring each morsel as they walked. Was this their only meal?

So, my Sizzle Saturday, is to conquer all of these “snoops” and get some new active movements for my characters. Some language, not so important, but facial expressions-yes, yes, yes. How can any character keep a straight face, when the person next to you is mad, eyes wide, and every word she/he speaks comes out with spittle.

I hope you have found some new ideas to breathe new life into your character.

Take a break. Enjoy your weekend, and we’ll try to find more Magic for Monday.

Happy Writing.