images_126Another Free Friday. Here are your balloons to celebrate this event. Wait – there are no Free Fridays, some not as hectic as others, but you still have to work. Let’s call this fun work.

There are no movies to watch and enjoy. This will be a lot more informative. This Friday you need to SNOOP. Yeah, snoop, as in snoop writing.

You need new, fresh conversation for your book. You’ve looked back through some of your writings and feel you’ve said the same things over and over to different characters in different genres. This will involve the old-fashioned way of writing: pad,pen or pencil. No recorder on the cell, no text messages to yourself, and leave the I-Pad at home. This is serious business. Your heart and your hand need to work together. Your brain will be used later when you get all of your SNOOP together.

Go to some strange places: a grocery store, a department store, a beauty salon, a barber shop, a small novelty store, even the gas station. Sound crazy? Yes, until you try it.

As you go to these different places, you need to stop, look and LISTEN. See the people you hear. Notice their facial expressions, and how they stand. Then listen to their words. You are snooping for different words, a strange conversation, and a new way of looking at life. Jot down on your pad some of the actions, words, tone of voice, and anything unusual or  unconventional. People are so open when they are having a talk with another person, friend or stranger.

When you have traveled a bit, you need a place to put all of this together. Stop at a coffee shop, drag out your pen and pad. As you sip your choice of coffee, begin to assemble all of your notes. Do not turn off your ear while you work. Listen to new noises, sounds, conversations, facial expressions or the lack of any emotions.

As you finish your coffee, grab all your notes, and head home. BUT, keep your notes ready for use. As you study these notes, you may get a new character for your book, or rev up the conversations between your current characters with sharp innovative words and movements.