Two friends“Ethel, I told you we were gone too long. Look at her title. She’s flipped out. Today is Thursday.”

“Let’s wait and see,” Ethel said, slower than usual.

The Wednesday post was so WILD, I’m sure you noticed no post. Here is my apology with a good reason – SLEEP DEPRIVATION. Life gets jumpy and grumpy without sleep. With the change of seasons, which everyone knew was headed our way, the instant change of temps, the loss of rain showers to cool us off, and the pollen, which slips all over Atlanta. It happens every year and I should be used to the change. No way.

My condo building is small compared to Atlanta standards. My condo is even smaller compared to Atlanta standards, but it suits me. However, air does not flow through my unit. I open my windows and the warm air sifts inside along with the pollen. This stuff covers and sticks to my hair, clothes, bed linens, pillows, furniture, floors, and anything it wants. I turn on my ceiling fans. Great, I feel a small draft, very small draft, and can watch the pollen swirl with the fan blade.

I cough, cough, sweat, sweat, and realize there is no zipper on my skin. Rather than toss and turn, I get up and move around. I notice the lack of concentration, a bad attitude, desire to run away, and the need of rest for my body and brain. Sleep. I need sleep.

But, the biggest excuse for no Wild Wednesday, is because all of you helped me, without knowing. A tall good-looking hunk from one of YOUR BOOKS, scaled the outside of my building, sneaked in the open window. At this point pollen and sleep did not matter anymore.

Thank all of you so much. Hey, as writers, what excuse for missing a day, could you find?

Happy Wednesday, oh yes, and Happy Thursday.

“See there Edna, I told you she’d have her reasons, but what a time to leave us out.