Sizzle Saturday

images_025Welcome to a Sizzling start to the weekend. Remember, you are being watched.

As a writer, you need to hit the next love scene with a new vengeance. I asked different writers, to get some of their opinions, as to how they manipulate their writings into the scenes that cause the reader to drool over the pages. I received answers all over the board. Even a few from the male writers. Here are a few possibilities:

I write my love scenes better when it is cloudy, rainy, and dark in the afternoon. I curl up on the sofa and watch the trees bend over to touch the ground. I picture my character bending over to touch her companion. This is all it takes to put me in the mood and head of my heroine. I do this with pen and paper in the curled position on my couch. This gives me the feeling of being right there with my character.

Another writer whispered to me,”I dance naked in my living room to seductive music.” This helps me let go and have the rhythm flow through me to my character. Then at my computer, all of these sensations become letters, which become words, which make up my scene or scenes.

A male writer ventured his process as ongoing. I can be driving and hear a certain song on the radio. This brings back memories. At the next red light, I scribble a few words on a pad I keep in my car. I’ve also seen my character in a car one lane over. Same color of hair, same length of hair, tapping her nails on the steering wheel, and other mannerisms like my heroine. Gotta get to my computer. Pad won’t hold all the feelings of seeing my character. If I drive back roads in the fast mode, my hero comes into play. He is not the mild-mannered person the heroine thinks he is. Now, put these two together and let the scene roll.

Another writer explained her love scenes as dreams. She stated that sometimes her dreams become so intense, she wakes up as her character. She can move like her character, feel like the character and when she does go back to sleep, she is the character sleeping in her bed. Jolts of electricity energize her and she remembers everything in the morning.

What about your sizzling scenes. What are some actions you take to make these chapters heat up the page? I’d love to hear from you.

The next time you have a “BIG” scene waiting for your attention, go for the heat, the heart, the heroine, and the hero.