WheeeeeeSome Saturdays are made to stay inside where it is warm, dry, and the alarm stayed silent. Then, there are Saturdays where you cannot get out of the house quick enough. These are the days when your mind needs energizing and playfulness. So?

You put on your walking, running, or exercising clothes and head out the door. You might escape to a park, a track, or the gym. Doesn’t matter. With all the hunks doing the same thing, you can stare, watch, smile, grin, or give a “lady-like” wink. Why? Because this is fun and you feel like the devil “made you do it.”

Of course, the devil couldn’t, but the writer inside you can. You look at all your competition with a shake of your shoulders. They could not begin to compete with your devious mind. You are in a “sizzling” mood and take a closer look at the guys as they run past you. Their shoulders are broad, biceps stretched to the fullest, abs tight, and the tush, no jiggle there. Oops, he’s got blond hair and you need a dark haired guy for the story that came to you last night.

Your mind is in overdrive from your dream. You do not notice the broken sidewalk, trip and land in the arms of the guy from your dream. Luck? Destiny? Who knows. Does it matter? Of course not. Your hero saved you from a big fall — no a stupid blunder on your part — but you play the part of your character. You’ve written many scenes and now you get to play one out. WHOOPEE.

His eyes are the same color as in your dream. He speaks in a deep, low voice and questions your ability to stand or call for help. You listen as he speaks and remember all of the pronunciations. You do not ask for other help. “I’m fine. Just pull me up from the sidewalk. My mistake.”

His deep voice responds, “Let’s get a cup of coffee and you can relax for a while. Over there,” he points to a Starbucks. You nod. Safe place and you can study more of him over a latte. No ring, but this does not say a yes or a no. You do not have a ring on your left hand, but is this a yes or a no.

Your mind races and your hand reaches for the computer keys. Nada. What about the pad in your pocket? Oh, forgot the pen. So you do the next best thing. You put your head into your palms and stare at your hero, your saint, your . . .  And you wake up from your dream.

How about a Sizzling Saturday?

Go for each day of the week. Find the story you need. If you have any hunks left over, you know my blog. NO, just kidding.

Happy Saturdays. Happy Writing.