Lost ConfidenceYesterday, we talked about free for all Fridays, free writing, and having fun. I mentioned a picture I saw in a magazine about downsizing, a couple, and their two dogs. Okay, I changed the title, and began my ten-minute shot on the keys. Take a look:

Love and Divorce

Pug sniffed into Daisy’s ear. “I don’t like the tone of our owners. Do you know why they are fighting?”

Daisy rolled toward her brother. “I heard a soft voice crying. She pulled me into her lap. I felt wet tears on my head.”

Pug answered. “My master hasn’t petted me for a week. Stay close. We gotta stick together.”

Angry shouts came from the other room.

The lady screamed. “No. They are mine, both of them.”

Pug nudged Daisy and nodded toward the open door. Together they raced outside. Scared to be outside, frightened to go back inside, they ran to a backyard and hid in some bushes.

Oops. Time up. Remember this is a practice run. Excuse the mistakes, but have a good laugh.

What about yours?

Happy Free Writing.