Two friendsTake a look at my friends, Edna and Ethel. Isn’t it great to laugh, smile and be with a great friend?

All week-long, we all write, read, revise, research, make submissions, critique, do Beta Reads, and assist other writers. Let’s take a Friday to be free and have fun. Yes, there is writing involved – free-fun writing.

Every November, there is a call from National Authors Writing to get a novel out in 30, yes 30 days. Maybe I should say, the beginning of a new work. After much thinking, which doesn’t take long, this came to mind. Why not do this on a Fun Friday. Nothing to submit. No contest. Just (and I hate that word) a fun writing to release all the tension and have fun with your words.

Scan through newspapers, magazines, look at billboards, cooking mags, entertainment, health and pictures. Something which interests you and you can have fun writing on your choice. Put your fingers on the keyboard, and like NANO, do not worry about wrong keys, caps or spelling or structure. This is free-fun writing to release your tension and see what your mind has hidden. Write for ten minutes, STOP, go back to the beginning and read. Are you surprised by what you wrote? Did you characters come out of nowhere? Do you see a potential for anything you wrote? Could you be on to a new story?

You might sit back and laugh until your sides hurt. This is fantastic. For a few minutes, pressure disappeared. Your mind turned off the rules. Your fingers felt free on the keys.

This is what I came across in the AARP, February/March, Magazine. The title reads “Love in a Time of Downsizing.” This did not hit me but the picture said it all. A couple sitting up in bed and each has a dog in their lap. Think about this for a few seconds and see if you can change the title to “Love in the Time of Divorce,” and write from the dogs’ point of view.

I’d love to see what you can do with this. And, I’ll write mine and post here on my blog.

Enjoy yourself.

Happy writing. Happy Free-Fun Friday.