Image OKAY, what do you want to know about “Wild Wednesdays?” This will be a new way to write our minds out to all readers. This is where you let your imagination off the leash and into the world. BUT, be careful. When our imaginations are censored, they tend to pile up. Our thoughts want to romp, play, and at times intimidate. Imaginations are the inner most thoughts of writers as they plan, activate, initiate new stories or ideas.

Sometimes we have to keep our imaginations on a leash. Why? We might say the wrong word at a place needed for conservative actions. Our pent-up imaginations want release. They sense we are in a productive mood with our new WIP, and need to show they can participate. Sometimes, we need to choke our thoughts and imaginations and hold back certain words. Is this right or write? Each one has their own answer, and at this place, no answer fits all occasions.

We are on a Wild Wednesday, so keep a low profile and let the leash out a little on your imagination. Visit an unfamiliar place. Order your coffee drink. Sit back and watch. Read a book with a pad hid inside, your pen clicked open, and begin to take notes. On the book? Of course not. You are watching everything around you. Watch the table with four females talking after work. Notice their movements, the frowns, the smiles, and the snide indifference to each other.

At the next table are four guys slugging down their beers and chips or peanuts. Actions of laughter caught between elbows and high-fives. They are unconcerned about others. They are celebrating an eight-hour day gone with nothing but fun ahead.

Now, put the four females together with these four males and hang tight. Your imagination is running on full and the empty meter is out of sight. See what you can conjure up for a Wild Wednesday. Oops. No need to answer as long as you jot down the actions.

This is letting your imagination run wild on a Wednesday, but do not stop there. Keep going, like the battery rabbit. Sure, you might need to reign  in the process, but never stop. This is where you can get the best parts of your story.

Imaginations are not the only part of writing to run Wild on Wednesdays. There are so many paths to travel. I have so many other places to visit and want to share them with you. If you want to discuss a Wild Wednesday with me, please let me know.

To get an idea of the changes, I want to do a Magic Monday, of course Wild Wednesdays, Free Friday Writings and what about Sizzling Saturdays.

You’ve got a small taste of Wednesdays. Check back for Free Friday Writings.

Happy Writing.

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