energyYeah, I know spring is not quite here, but  we have to turn  our clocks forward this weekend (3/8/2014). The sun has returned as well and people are walking, running, sprinting, or meandering, but everyone is outside.

Birds outside my windows tweet in their highest tones. I try to look outside, but notice my windows need their cleaning, just not today. Instead, I open the windows and let the fresher air inside. After a few months of staying shut, I feel the need for air, even some of the bad air is better than the stale air floating in every room.

The staff of outside patios are dusting off tables, cleaning chairs, putting up umbrellas. This is in preparation for the diners to come. Atlanta is noted for their patio dining. I’ve learned a lot from conversations overheard. No not names, but ideas for writing in generalities. I don’t know about you, but there are times when I want to put both feet on a railing, kick back, and relax. This might be crude to some, so I look for patios with lots of space to wiggle my toes, stretch my legs, and keep my pad and pen close by.

In the cold fall or uncertain winter, dining indoors does not give a writer many choices. The tables are too close. Noise from the kitchen falls on you like a brick. The waitperson hoovers close by, ready to assist, when what you want is peace and quiet.

Soon the outdoor concerts will begin and life has a frill of excitement. Music. Picnics. Walks in Piedmont Park.  Oh, I cannot wait for the full onset of spring. WAIT…… do I hear a roar of thunder, are the clouds becoming less than white, kinda like dark and hiding the sun?

Guess we will have to wait and let spring have her fickle moments. I’ll take two days of the sun, spring-like smells before!!! Hey, do you realize we have a biggie celebration soon? Saint Patrick’s Day. This could be the real beginning of spring. We do have great parades, lots of beer, if that is your choice, but not green and covering the streets. I love to position myself close to all the movements on the street as the parade flows. It is so interesting to see the new floats, smiles extended, and a release of winter pent-up feelings.

This time of year also brings in the King Cake, beads, parades stretching from New Orleans to Miami and all places between.  Okay, spring, be fickle, but not for long. I need the updraft of pleasant weather, no cold left to squeeze out, a breath of renewal to compensate for the snow, ice, cold of this past winter.

I want to give you a “short” heads up. Please check my blog on Monday, March 10, for a whole week of a TAG BLOG TOUR on the process of writing. THEN… follow up all the authors I have tagged for the next week:




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Get out and enjoy a beautiful Saturday. Shake off the dust. Smell the new spring-like breezes.

Happy writing. Happy Spring. Happy YOU.