energyIt is Monday. Here is your Magic Wand _____!! How will you use it?

Are you a writer, who dreams about a best selling book, but never gets around to writing this story. Something else pops up and your dreams ends.

You want to write and you can, once you get your desk cleared or a plot starts to form. You have paper, pads, pencils, and pens ready to go. Then you decide to do research on your plot. Your fingers chase the internet, but you forget to write.

Are you a writer, who maintains control over your writing process. Once your “butt is in the chair,” your favorite CD playing, your computer fired up, your mind goes blank. You search for your memory — gone. Where are your thoughts?

All of you different writers, got a Monday Magic Wand at the beginning of this blog. USE IT!!!! (Yes, exclamation points to emphasize how important this wand is.)

Wave the wand over being perfect, ALL THE TIME. We aren’t  and can’t be.  POOF!

To focus your writing, give the MUSE her freedom. POOF!

Look at ALL  your writing possibilities, some you’ve never tapped. POOF!

Then take these wishes from your magic wand and think of your individual wishes.


Magic Monday.

(A little late, but took some of the advice and stopped worrying, at least while I was at a musical concert. But, by magic, here is your Monday blog.)

Happy Writing.


Sizzle Saturday

images_025Welcome to a Sizzling start to the weekend. Remember, you are being watched.

As a writer, you need to hit the next love scene with a new vengeance. I asked different writers, to get some of their opinions, as to how they manipulate their writings into the scenes that cause the reader to drool over the pages. I received answers all over the board. Even a few from the male writers. Here are a few possibilities:

I write my love scenes better when it is cloudy, rainy, and dark in the afternoon. I curl up on the sofa and watch the trees bend over to touch the ground. I picture my character bending over to touch her companion. This is all it takes to put me in the mood and head of my heroine. I do this with pen and paper in the curled position on my couch. This gives me the feeling of being right there with my character.

Another writer whispered to me,”I dance naked in my living room to seductive music.” This helps me let go and have the rhythm flow through me to my character. Then at my computer, all of these sensations become letters, which become words, which make up my scene or scenes.

A male writer ventured his process as ongoing. I can be driving and hear a certain song on the radio. This brings back memories. At the next red light, I scribble a few words on a pad I keep in my car. I’ve also seen my character in a car one lane over. Same color of hair, same length of hair, tapping her nails on the steering wheel, and other mannerisms like my heroine. Gotta get to my computer. Pad won’t hold all the feelings of seeing my character. If I drive back roads in the fast mode, my hero comes into play. He is not the mild-mannered person the heroine thinks he is. Now, put these two together and let the scene roll.

Another writer explained her love scenes as dreams. She stated that sometimes her dreams become so intense, she wakes up as her character. She can move like her character, feel like the character and when she does go back to sleep, she is the character sleeping in her bed. Jolts of electricity energize her and she remembers everything in the morning.

What about your sizzling scenes. What are some actions you take to make these chapters heat up the page? I’d love to hear from you.

The next time you have a “BIG” scene waiting for your attention, go for the heat, the heart, the heroine, and the hero.





9776003-audienceDoes this look like we are all standing around wondering what comes next? Might be a great place to introduce to you your FREE FRIDAY.  My computer is still undergoing diagnostic measures, but got a call I can pick it up on, you guessed it, Friday. Since my old laptop is still in the working mode, thought it best to give you some good news.

Sometimes, we all need to just stop, take a breath, relax and look at a movie. WHAT??? I have books to read for reviews, pitches to make, press releases to send out, emails and more emails to answer, and you want me to watch a movie? Yes.

What I want to suggest, is not any movie, but a movie from an indie film. This can be a straight indie film, or a foreign indie film. The one where the sub-titles run at the bottom.  Years ago, when I was among the women at a nine-to-five job, I belonged to a Key Sunday Cinema Club. Wow, this was one thing I hated to give up on retirement. I joined the Winter and Spring groups. After paying for my club dues, I received a ticket for the Sunday morning performance of the movie, about once every two-three weeks. I never knew what would be showing, and this became part of the anticipation. The theatre was packed and everyone seemed to know everyone there. We were handed a card to complete AFTER the film, a small sheet showing information on the film we were to see that Sunday, and then the screen dominated the whole theatre. After the movie, there was a talk about the film, from the Emory University Arts/Film Department, or an actor in the film, or even the producer. The cards we filled out about our likes, dislikes, thoughts, and anything we wanted to jot down. This went to Emory and to the Producer(s) of the film. Each time we returned, we received feedback from our previous show. I’d thought about this since my computer was out of whack and here’s something for you do with your Free Friday.

Go to your library and check out a movie. Make sure it is something you’ve never seen, and that it is an indie film. I’ve kept three or four videos you might like to look at: The Red Violin, Koyla, The Spanish Prisoner, Ponette, Hedwig and the Angry Inch. But, look for something that interests you.

Sit back, turn off the cell, the lights, and get involved in the scenes before you. Watch, listen, and if a foreign film, pay particular attention to facial expressions, body movements, lighting, sounds – hey you know what to look for. You are a writer and this is how you should look at the film. Scrutinize this piece of work like you are critiquing another writer. What do you feel? What is the arc? Can you feel the emotions? Is your heart racing? Are your eyes dry? Get into the movie with your writer’s mind, heart, and feelings. This is why I suggest indie film or foreign film. The fluff is deleted and you get the meat of the story.

Now, sit back and see what you can jot down with your pen and paper. Can you see any different avenues to make your characters come more alive? Is there any new movement or emotion you can give your character(s) that will make the reader experience the “oops, I’m this character.” Remember, movies show and show and show. We see everything, feel everything, breathe with the characters. Now, do the same with your writing. Take your reader into the hearts of your characters and let them breathe, feel, and be the character.

Enjoy your FREE FRIDAY, and don’t forget the popcorn.

Happy Writing.



unicorn danceWhere is your muse right now, this very second? Can you feel a slight pressure on your shoulder? Is that static in your ear or the Muse’s whispers? Is your Muse female, male or whatever it wants to be?

On this Wild Wednesday……………..FIND OUT.

This is your play day with your Muse. Do not rebuke the opportunity. In fact, turn yourself over to the Muse. The word ‘no’ is not in your vocabulary, but you are allowed to go WILD.

All of a sudden your computer shuts down. “This is not funny,” you holler. A flutter of paper grabs your attention as a pen rolls on top.You hear familiar words, “It’s Play Time,” and you nod your head.

You are writing fast, forgetting commas, periods, and the exclamation point cannot be made. You want to stop, but this is impossible. Your pen crosses the paper from top to bottom. Your hand will not move from the paper, instead begins again at the top of the right hand corner and slants sideways. Did you hear a giggle? Muses love fun, games and excitement.

Your writing becomes big, fierce letters like soldiers marching across the paper. Letters travel upward, downward, roll onto small hills, then big mountains, which need to be climbed.

The writing slows and you can see a meadow full of small, yellow flowers. You hear your Muse humming. Your heart beats quicken as you remember the song, “It’s Got to be You.”

Your Muse leaves, but your pen keeps writing your own love story. You cannot stop until this is finished. But which story? The real one or the one you to reveal, or like your Muse, have fun and write the one you want.

Okay, you caught me. This is Thursday and I’m talking about Wild Wednesday? Wild was only the beginning. My computer decided to let me hang out for a while. So, I took the laptop to the doctor. They needed time to do a thorough check-up. I’ll be back in business for a FREE FRIDAY.

Take time and let your fingers roll free over the keyboard, or pick up a pen and feel the connection between your fingers, hands, paper, and heart.

Play with your Muse. Happy Writing.



Magic Mondays

An IdeaMagic Mondays or do you still dread the thought of a new week, the unknowing events that could pop up, or the fast pace you need to keep going?

This could be for everyone: professional workers, stay-at-home moms or dads, the new secretary, the guy at the car wash, or the waitress at the new diner. But, this is important for all of you writers out there. Submissions to get done, books to review, emails to answer, new stories to . . . .and you stop. Your well is dry and nothing seems to come to mind. Don’t hang up. Think Ideas, Ideas, and more Ideas. Yeah. Right. No. This is a Magical Monday and you can gather ideas in buckets. Stop moaning and get moving. Did you dream last night? Can you remember the dream? Did you scribble down the dream? Okay, you can’t read your writing, but maybe one word wiggles more than others. When you were in the shower did something slide into your head and then down the drain?

Remember, it is the simplicity that keeps repeating in our minds, if we let go and hang tight. Do not try to analyze the captions or the pictures. Pull your imagination from its hiding place and put it to work. Do not write and drive, but even a cheap recorder or your cell phone can capture your words. Sometimes, these billboard companies, string out a long line of actions to get to the point. They can make you smile and laugh. See, now you are letting go of inhibitions and making your brain exercise its capabilities.

If you can, or have the opportunity, visit an animal shelter and watch the action and play between the pets, or use the time to watch your own pets. No small kids at home, visit a day care center and catch the antics of children trying to get more than their share of recognition. Or, watch your grandchildren vie for your attention and the ways they make you laugh.

Forget the television, the smart phone, I-Pod, and link into the everyday possibilities. Hey, another area to grab ideas is a Tat Parlor. Everyday, people get their bodies decorated with signs, symbols, flowers, and whatever else happens. Go into a parlor and talk with the artist. Ask questions. You might be surprised at some of the answers.

I don’t have time to do all of this. No, I’m certain we all don’t, but ask yourself what happens on a Magic Monday? You find ideas where you least expect them. You snap a photo, write down a few words, you notice your surroundings, you enjoy life. This is where you can find your ideas for more situations, more stories, more writing.

Get out there this Monday and let your mind wander over different paths. Do not always go to the same place for lunch. Do not take the same route when you drive somewhere and do not stagnate your thoughts or yourself.

Put yourself into the magic, even if it happens to be a Monday.

Find your own Magic Monday, and then bring it to the rest of the week.

Happy Writing.  Happy Dreams.  Happy You.


WheeeeeeSome Saturdays are made to stay inside where it is warm, dry, and the alarm stayed silent. Then, there are Saturdays where you cannot get out of the house quick enough. These are the days when your mind needs energizing and playfulness. So?

You put on your walking, running, or exercising clothes and head out the door. You might escape to a park, a track, or the gym. Doesn’t matter. With all the hunks doing the same thing, you can stare, watch, smile, grin, or give a “lady-like” wink. Why? Because this is fun and you feel like the devil “made you do it.”

Of course, the devil couldn’t, but the writer inside you can. You look at all your competition with a shake of your shoulders. They could not begin to compete with your devious mind. You are in a “sizzling” mood and take a closer look at the guys as they run past you. Their shoulders are broad, biceps stretched to the fullest, abs tight, and the tush, no jiggle there. Oops, he’s got blond hair and you need a dark haired guy for the story that came to you last night.

Your mind is in overdrive from your dream. You do not notice the broken sidewalk, trip and land in the arms of the guy from your dream. Luck? Destiny? Who knows. Does it matter? Of course not. Your hero saved you from a big fall — no a stupid blunder on your part — but you play the part of your character. You’ve written many scenes and now you get to play one out. WHOOPEE.

His eyes are the same color as in your dream. He speaks in a deep, low voice and questions your ability to stand or call for help. You listen as he speaks and remember all of the pronunciations. You do not ask for other help. “I’m fine. Just pull me up from the sidewalk. My mistake.”

His deep voice responds, “Let’s get a cup of coffee and you can relax for a while. Over there,” he points to a Starbucks. You nod. Safe place and you can study more of him over a latte. No ring, but this does not say a yes or a no. You do not have a ring on your left hand, but is this a yes or a no.

Your mind races and your hand reaches for the computer keys. Nada. What about the pad in your pocket? Oh, forgot the pen. So you do the next best thing. You put your head into your palms and stare at your hero, your saint, your . . .  And you wake up from your dream.

How about a Sizzling Saturday?

Go for each day of the week. Find the story you need. If you have any hunks left over, you know my blog. NO, just kidding.

Happy Saturdays. Happy Writing.


Lost ConfidenceYesterday, we talked about free for all Fridays, free writing, and having fun. I mentioned a picture I saw in a magazine about downsizing, a couple, and their two dogs. Okay, I changed the title, and began my ten-minute shot on the keys. Take a look:

Love and Divorce

Pug sniffed into Daisy’s ear. “I don’t like the tone of our owners. Do you know why they are fighting?”

Daisy rolled toward her brother. “I heard a soft voice crying. She pulled me into her lap. I felt wet tears on my head.”

Pug answered. “My master hasn’t petted me for a week. Stay close. We gotta stick together.”

Angry shouts came from the other room.

The lady screamed. “No. They are mine, both of them.”

Pug nudged Daisy and nodded toward the open door. Together they raced outside. Scared to be outside, frightened to go back inside, they ran to a backyard and hid in some bushes.

Oops. Time up. Remember this is a practice run. Excuse the mistakes, but have a good laugh.

What about yours?

Happy Free Writing.


Two friendsTake a look at my friends, Edna and Ethel. Isn’t it great to laugh, smile and be with a great friend?

All week-long, we all write, read, revise, research, make submissions, critique, do Beta Reads, and assist other writers. Let’s take a Friday to be free and have fun. Yes, there is writing involved – free-fun writing.

Every November, there is a call from National Authors Writing to get a novel out in 30, yes 30 days. Maybe I should say, the beginning of a new work. After much thinking, which doesn’t take long, this came to mind. Why not do this on a Fun Friday. Nothing to submit. No contest. Just (and I hate that word) a fun writing to release all the tension and have fun with your words.

Scan through newspapers, magazines, look at billboards, cooking mags, entertainment, health and pictures. Something which interests you and you can have fun writing on your choice. Put your fingers on the keyboard, and like NANO, do not worry about wrong keys, caps or spelling or structure. This is free-fun writing to release your tension and see what your mind has hidden. Write for ten minutes, STOP, go back to the beginning and read. Are you surprised by what you wrote? Did you characters come out of nowhere? Do you see a potential for anything you wrote? Could you be on to a new story?

You might sit back and laugh until your sides hurt. This is fantastic. For a few minutes, pressure disappeared. Your mind turned off the rules. Your fingers felt free on the keys.

This is what I came across in the AARP, February/March, Magazine. The title reads “Love in a Time of Downsizing.” This did not hit me but the picture said it all. A couple sitting up in bed and each has a dog in their lap. Think about this for a few seconds and see if you can change the title to “Love in the Time of Divorce,” and write from the dogs’ point of view.

I’d love to see what you can do with this. And, I’ll write mine and post here on my blog.

Enjoy yourself.

Happy writing. Happy Free-Fun Friday.


Image OKAY, what do you want to know about “Wild Wednesdays?” This will be a new way to write our minds out to all readers. This is where you let your imagination off the leash and into the world. BUT, be careful. When our imaginations are censored, they tend to pile up. Our thoughts want to romp, play, and at times intimidate. Imaginations are the inner most thoughts of writers as they plan, activate, initiate new stories or ideas.

Sometimes we have to keep our imaginations on a leash. Why? We might say the wrong word at a place needed for conservative actions. Our pent-up imaginations want release. They sense we are in a productive mood with our new WIP, and need to show they can participate. Sometimes, we need to choke our thoughts and imaginations and hold back certain words. Is this right or write? Each one has their own answer, and at this place, no answer fits all occasions.

We are on a Wild Wednesday, so keep a low profile and let the leash out a little on your imagination. Visit an unfamiliar place. Order your coffee drink. Sit back and watch. Read a book with a pad hid inside, your pen clicked open, and begin to take notes. On the book? Of course not. You are watching everything around you. Watch the table with four females talking after work. Notice their movements, the frowns, the smiles, and the snide indifference to each other.

At the next table are four guys slugging down their beers and chips or peanuts. Actions of laughter caught between elbows and high-fives. They are unconcerned about others. They are celebrating an eight-hour day gone with nothing but fun ahead.

Now, put the four females together with these four males and hang tight. Your imagination is running on full and the empty meter is out of sight. See what you can conjure up for a Wild Wednesday. Oops. No need to answer as long as you jot down the actions.

This is letting your imagination run wild on a Wednesday, but do not stop there. Keep going, like the battery rabbit. Sure, you might need to reign  in the process, but never stop. This is where you can get the best parts of your story.

Imaginations are not the only part of writing to run Wild on Wednesdays. There are so many paths to travel. I have so many other places to visit and want to share them with you. If you want to discuss a Wild Wednesday with me, please let me know.

To get an idea of the changes, I want to do a Magic Monday, of course Wild Wednesdays, Free Friday Writings and what about Sizzling Saturdays.

You’ve got a small taste of Wednesdays. Check back for Free Friday Writings.

Happy Writing.

Please keep in touch and thanks for being with me on TWITTER.


energyYeah, I know spring is not quite here, but  we have to turn  our clocks forward this weekend (3/8/2014). The sun has returned as well and people are walking, running, sprinting, or meandering, but everyone is outside.

Birds outside my windows tweet in their highest tones. I try to look outside, but notice my windows need their cleaning, just not today. Instead, I open the windows and let the fresher air inside. After a few months of staying shut, I feel the need for air, even some of the bad air is better than the stale air floating in every room.

The staff of outside patios are dusting off tables, cleaning chairs, putting up umbrellas. This is in preparation for the diners to come. Atlanta is noted for their patio dining. I’ve learned a lot from conversations overheard. No not names, but ideas for writing in generalities. I don’t know about you, but there are times when I want to put both feet on a railing, kick back, and relax. This might be crude to some, so I look for patios with lots of space to wiggle my toes, stretch my legs, and keep my pad and pen close by.

In the cold fall or uncertain winter, dining indoors does not give a writer many choices. The tables are too close. Noise from the kitchen falls on you like a brick. The waitperson hoovers close by, ready to assist, when what you want is peace and quiet.

Soon the outdoor concerts will begin and life has a frill of excitement. Music. Picnics. Walks in Piedmont Park.  Oh, I cannot wait for the full onset of spring. WAIT…… do I hear a roar of thunder, are the clouds becoming less than white, kinda like dark and hiding the sun?

Guess we will have to wait and let spring have her fickle moments. I’ll take two days of the sun, spring-like smells before!!! Hey, do you realize we have a biggie celebration soon? Saint Patrick’s Day. This could be the real beginning of spring. We do have great parades, lots of beer, if that is your choice, but not green and covering the streets. I love to position myself close to all the movements on the street as the parade flows. It is so interesting to see the new floats, smiles extended, and a release of winter pent-up feelings.

This time of year also brings in the King Cake, beads, parades stretching from New Orleans to Miami and all places between.  Okay, spring, be fickle, but not for long. I need the updraft of pleasant weather, no cold left to squeeze out, a breath of renewal to compensate for the snow, ice, cold of this past winter.

I want to give you a “short” heads up. Please check my blog on Monday, March 10, for a whole week of a TAG BLOG TOUR on the process of writing. THEN… follow up all the authors I have tagged for the next week:


You might want to let Marsha in on any of your comments, as she tagged me.

And then on March 14, 2014, after 8am CST check out my interview with Angela Archer. It will post on:

Get out and enjoy a beautiful Saturday. Shake off the dust. Smell the new spring-like breezes.

Happy writing. Happy Spring. Happy YOU.