What did you sayI am sitting here thinking about the then and now, or the past and the present. Years ago, I’d be waiting for the mail person to deliver an answer to a question I asked weeks ago. Now, with instant feedback, I get antsy if a days goes by without any communication. Are we getting too pushy?

I bring this up because I just received a card, note, or whatever you want to call it, in the mail from a long-time friend. She writes in a beautiful hand style and I can read every word. I treasure her cards and feel the warmth as I open the envelope. She has taken the time to purchase the card, write her message, and send it through the post. Does this make me old-fashioned? I hope not.

I remember going to stores, shopping for just the right card for the right person. When I found the card, I knew it without looking any further. Sometimes, I’d write with an ink pen that matched the card: red ink, blue ink, green ink, or aqua ink. But, I must admit this is when my penmanship looked like penmanship. That was the then.

Now, we have the net, and yes I am so thankful for this quick transfer of information. But, we still have a problem — Texting. I have to learn a new alphabet, no that’s not the right word. I have to learn a new alphabet. Again, that’s not the right, how about a new language? Even my old handwriting looks better than the alphabet used on text.  XU.

Okay, I’m guessing and the reason is technology. I have my ‘coming out’ date this week. For years, I’ve used the radio or records to make my music. Then, I got introduced to CD’s. Neat. a lot like records, but smaller and easier to manage. Then, music came on your I-phone and I-pod. Yeah, I do have an I-phone for emergencies only.  Sure, I like to get calls, but the “you can reach me at any time” does not fit my lifestyle. I need downtown. But, I broke down and purchased an I-Pod Classic. Now, I’m hip. (Is this word still in the old English?) I have worked on this little, powerful piece of equipment along  with I-Tunes for over a month. Nothing synced. I learned how to make playlists on I-Tunes and they stayed right there. Nothing transferred to my little Classic. With the help of a very youthful representative, she walked me through the process. Embarrassed? No way. I asked and got help.

So one day this next week, my I-Pod and I will transform my exercise classes to the new technology. If I make a mess, I’ll go back to my little transportable CD player and the old standbys. Either way, I’ve tried and will keep trying until the process is complete.

I do have a card to send back to my friend in Wyoming, even if I have to print each word, the then time period.

Happy writing to everyone, then and now.