Two friends“Did I just read this right, Ethel? Patricia moved?”

“No, Edna, she had an experience. Let’s see what she can offer before we go off on the other spectrum.”

It happened sometime while my eyes closed. I felt nothing, heard nothing, saw nothing. Of course not, my eyes stayed shut. When the alarm went off, I was still in my same bed, my same bedroom, my same home. But, not in the same world.

My world included dark clouds, a furnace blowing hot air, windows closed tight, in fact a prison that held me captive. Yet, I found my windows open, a bit, ceiling fans on, and the furnace did not chug.

I felt like someone has poured water over me. The sheets felt damp, my hair clung to my head, hoping for a little release. All I wanted was water, water, water for a scratchy throat. As I got up, I peeked out the window. I saw the same trees, sans snow. The backyard looked like I remembered the landscape, but a red ball, YESSSSSS, a big red ball started rising and filling the sky with brilliant colors. I knew the end had come.

Yet, more colors filled the sky. I did not hear a loud bang. I saw no smoke. I listened for gunfire. Nada. Where am I? At a time like this, I wished for a pet. A dog would run and hide, but a cat would crawl on my lap. Or is it the other way around? A cat would hide in the nearest crevice, but the dog would stay by my side to protect me? Since I have neither, it is my responsibility to protect myself.

I heard no knocks on the door. No alarms went off, either from my home or the police, or the FBI. Is this paranoia or paranormal?  I crept down the hall. The kitchen looked the same. No furniture re-arranged in the living area. Still, I am not certain  where I am.

I grabbed the remote, clicking on the button as I turned my head to the side. The news arrived on the television screen. No heads up of an invasion. Everything the same. What is going on?

Then the weather people appeared. I heard birds tweeting in the trees outside my open windows. I looked at the screen. All the temps appeared way above normal. Everything was so far above freezing, that everyone was joyous. The new forecast was for “spring-like” living”. No wonder my life felt lifted into another world.

I danced around my home. I checked my closets, but warm winter clothes stared back at me. Sure, I’ll take whenever spring hits my home, my neighborhood, my life. I know winter will try again.

Yeah!!! I am still in the same surroundings. Whew!!! Back at home and will be waiting for the initial announcement of spring.

Join with me in basking in the thoughts of spring.

“See there, she has the same problems of both of us. Edna and Ethel will be with you until spring, and a long time to come. We will not disappear when you need us so much.”