images_006Writers write. That’s what writers do. Yet, what happens when the words do not appear?

My mind has tripped end over end to get the beginning of a new novel out. No, just the beginning. I can see the story, picture scenes, a couple of characters, and no words.

I tried to plot a few chapters. Forget that. I want to feel what the first chapter will do to or for me. Without words, no way.

Since there is a lot of activity in my writing area at this point, and I couldn’t be happier, I still have to keep writing. This new book might turn out to be a series, and I am at a standstill.

I stalk my bookcase. I look and look at all the creative writing books I have purchased. None fit. Then, my eyes and heart travel to a book I’ve had for eons. I double-check the copyright date, 1992, and this brings back many memories.

I grab the book and head to the sofa. As I open the pages, one thing stares at me in my own handwriting: “You cannot think your way into right action, but you can act your way into right thinking.”

Wham. A knock against my head. This is THE ARTIST”S WAY by Julia Cameron. Sure, I should be writing, but if the words cannot find a way out, maybe I can ‘let go’ of what is blocking my mind and watch the words pile up.

I read my notes in small areas. Some I cannot decipher and some I wished were not there. Then I see another handwritten note: “Let it happen. Do not make it happen. Tap into your well of unconsciousness. Behind the mind is a trigger to unlock your thoughts. Do not be afraid to use this.”

Wow! This is just what I needed to see as I remember all the effort of the morning pages. I wrote for 10-15 minutes every morning, whether I could see the paper or not. Some days I wrote across the paper, sideways, bottom to top, anything to charge my mind. And, some mornings my paper filled with the same sentence-I cannot think of anything to write. When the time was up, my mind unlocked and I could feel the words squeezing my pencil or pen.

OOPS! it is happening again. I feel words rumbling in my head. It’s time to get these down and make sense of everything later.

When you get stuck, and we all do, remember the morning pages, or afternoon pages, or evening pages. Just write.

Happy Writing.