Music – Coffee Shops and Writing

unicorn dance

Do you use music when you write or do you need silence and isolation?

I love music, but play instrumental as I write. My mind can float with the orchestra or guitar strings and my fingers slide over the keyboard. Of course, the same thing happens if I start out with pen and paper. Soft jazz hits the spot for me. I do not use  music with singing. The songs and words take over my thoughts and my writing stops. What is your favorite music to write with or do you use any?

Coffee shops, do you use them when you write? There are times I need to get ‘out’ and a coffee shop fits the spot. No, I don’t know anyone, but feel alive. In fact, I can turn off the noise, conversations, and write with ease. I have not yet learned how to stop the coffee aroma around me.

Sometimes in spring, summer or early fall, I go to an outdoor patio. I people watch. Body languages are fun to read and may come at the moment when you need a change in your Heroine or Hero. Looking at facial expressions, can add spice to your story. All of your observations are in high gear. Play with your characters and their unsaid languages.

Have you ever been in a scene and nothing works? Your Muse is in hiding and your keyboard hits all the wrong keys. This romantic scene just sits in your mind and not on the computer. I put in a CD of piano music, light a candle, and sip a cup of hot tea. As I begin to relax, my Muse decides to return from her hidden spot. I ignore her. This is my hiding place. When the CD stops, the candle burns out, and the tea gets cold, I’ll be back writing and my Muse? She’ll be back. She needs to insert her view points.

Writing can be done anywhere, anytime, anyway. What are some of the unique avenues you travel when you write?

Have a happy Unicorn writing day.