images_025Have you ever been outside looking in without a door to enter? You can see the party in full swing, the banners on the walls, the food on the buffet, and you can’t get there. All you can do is watch.

Maybe your characters feel the same way. You write a scene and nothing seems to happen. Your female character loves events meant for guys; but she is all female. The other females do not want her around. The males are skeptical of her motives. So she stands outside looking in, but not for long.

What if your character is a male? A ‘not-so-jock’ among all the big jocks. His expertise is in cooking. Yet,when a big party comes along, who gets asked to volunteer for eats? Yeah, the guy with broad shoulders, slim hips, and great hands gets inside, but still he is on the outside.

Your characters do not fit their image or picture. This is great. Yes, great. As a writer, you have the opportunity to capture their uniqueness. The male character goes on to become one of the top-notch chefs and the female character a notorious judge in the judicial system.  Now, who is on the outside looking in? You can write them into so many different scenarios, all unexpected, until they meet and see a little of themselves in each other.

Think of all the pit-falls they can encounter. Do they fit together or battle each moment they are in the same room. What if the “judge” is on the bench when the “chef” is accused of poisoning the food? What if the”chef” uses one of his knives to save the “judge?”

All of us, find ourselves in some position of on the outside looking in. Maybe from childhood or just the past week. Be aware of your thoughts. Where did my notebook go? We see so many daily activities and shove them back. We hear so many neat words, positive and negative, and shrug our shoulders. We are our characters every day and sometimes we do want to be inside and cannot find the door. Use your characters to create these happenings.

Remember, we always want something. We want our characters to do the same. So, show them the way to push the door open. Now, they are on the Inside Looking Out, and ……?

This is a story about life. We strive for something, just out of our reach. What is wrong with this? Nothing. Why not go for the ending, where music fills the air, wine flows freely, and the good times roll?

If we take our characters on this ride, we, as writers, get to go too.

Happy Writing.