An IdeaDreams are the unconsciousness streams in our brain trying to get through to the conscious mind. Dreams are full of odd sights, creative places, people, and are always trying to show us something. As writers, we struggle for new ideas, creative places, and different characters. Stop and listen to your dreams. Better yet, watch your dreams and become part of your dreams.

Some say they never dream. Yeah, right. We all dream, but may not remember any dream at all. This is the ‘never’ dream period. What about the dreams that disappear for a long spell, and then hit like the biggest firework display ever? This is one of the great advantages of a writer. When the ‘show’ starts, the words and pictures fall from all directions. They hit the writer from top to bottom, side to side, and fingers cannot hit the keys fast enough to put everything on paper. Strange words appear in no sequence. All the writer can do is write and forget everything else. Watch for scenes, feelings, and the enormous expansion of words. Dreams have a way of expanding our avenue(s) of thinking and reasoning. Dreams will fulfill the person or page with what they want at that time. This is where the writer creates.

How about dreams with no faces? I’m certain some of you have had these dreams. Maybe their backs are turned away from the dreamer. Is this on purpose, or part of the phenomenon of dreams. Have you ever wakened in a panic when these dreams occur? You are unable to scream, do not know where you are or why. Yet, you can go back to sleep and pick up where the dream left off. As a writer, get your pen and dig in. These are traits for your character(s) you could not have known, unless you dreamed.

Another part of dreams and writing is the laughing dream. You wake up laughing so hard, tears run down your face and your stomach hurts. Maybe the writer needs to heed and remember laughter may not be part of the writing. A murder, a death, a loss, a crime scene is not a laughable entry, but our character(s) may have to laugh to move forward.

Dreams enhance the writer in escapes from reality. When this happens, your character(s) can do anything they way. Sexual fantasies, never quite achieved, can be experienced. As a writer, you can accomplish much from dream escapes. You only have to visit your dreams and let your fingers/pens do the rest. You have plenty of room to utilize all the dream escapes you need.

Dreams can show the writer new roads to take and unlimited possibilities. You can trip into new genres and test the waters with your dreams. Dreams are intuitive and when the writer in you re;leases all pretense, who knows what can happen. Only your writing and dreams can push you into the unknown, and who knows about……..