All_About_Adverbs_photo_FINALIZED3-150x150Dragons? What dragons? I live in the now, not the land of dinosaurs, flying creatures, caves, nor cavemen. I seldom have dreams or nightmares. Nothing frightens me. Do not kid yourselves. We all have dragons and, until you name them, you have no idea how to swim with them.

When one of your dragons is named ‘fear,’ this can pull lives down and down and down. We live in fear of taking a risk, fear of losing material items, fear of being without spirituality. Sometimes my dragon is anger and frustration at how the world has become uncaring. We see a double-edged sword and anger turns into hate. Hate for anything different.

My dragon nudges me on time — not enough time to get everything done and too much time spent on things of no value. Tomorrow will not make a difference. Love can be a dragon. Too little and you sink. Too much and you choke. A give here, take there, use, threaten, all so confusing. Where has the unconditional part of love gone? The love because you are who you are, not what you can get.

Dragons sneak into our lives and wait for the right opportunity to seize our emotions. Then drag us on the bottom of the ocean floor, unless you learn how to swim with them.

When you name each dragon, you put yourself in charge. Sometimes, you swim a side stroke along with your dragon, keeping pace, and looking the dragon straight in the eye. No concessions made, but there is not a struggle. You can tame this dragon.

Another time, you do the breast stroke with your dragon. You pull ahead and do not look back. No shouts of joy or laughter at the lagging beast. Just, confidence in what you can do and the plans you make for the future.

Next, you feel the sun on your face and you go head to head with your dragon in a backstroke movement. You kick your feet in a synchronized pattern, your arms stretch up, back, and you feel the forward movement. The dragon is nowhere in sight.

Night comes and you crawl into bed, confident of the resolutions with your dragon. A name makes such a different in how you see the world, act on positive attitudes, and gives you the ability to holler———-UP PERISCOPE.

Now, you know HOW TO SWIM WITH YOUR DRAGONS. May you have happy dragons in your lives and never ‘drag on’ the ocean floor.

Happy Living. Happy Writing.