DiamondLook at this diamond and notice the brilliance, sparkles, and cuts. Why aren’t we more like a diamond — free to sparkle at any moment, and show a daring brilliance to anyone? Because, we need to live by rules. We have a rule for this, a rule for that, and can always make up a new rule to follow.  Sure, some rules are necessary, but let’s talk about the rules we put on ourselves.

Forget you are a writer, reader, reviewer, office manager, or whatever job you have. Forget everything if you are retired. We need a discussion with a clean plate, and I do not care if you scraped the last morsel off with a knife, fork, spoon, or licked the bowl clean.

Nothing, nothing at all can change yesterday or any part of the past. The future is not a part of the present, so do not get caught up on what might be. Life can change in an instant.

Dare to do something different. Burdens do not allow you to travel light, so do a little re-packing into a small overnight bag. Then, look at all the things you consider burdens and see if there is something you can do to create a new touch. On a second thought, take a look at these burdens and see a different way to look at them. One thing pops up:  LISTS.

Let go of lists, play each moment to moment today in the present. Yeah, you have to get up, fix breakfast, get the kids off to school, hubby off to work, and yourself off to work. No kids, no other off to work, so now you have yourself. You stare at the list posted on the fridge, computer, I-Pad, or phone. What’s the worst thing to happen if you can eliminate some of them?

Maybe, it is time to break your own rules. Look around and enjoy what is before you: the smell of the air, feel the sun on your face, or mist from the early morning. Go for the walk you always wanted to take in the early morning. The house won’t get cleaned, the dirty dishes will not put themselves into the dishwasher, but everything will still be there when you return.

As you walk through life, take the hand next to yours and squeeze. It may be the only touch felt today by you or someone else. Smile. A smile costs nothing and makes the world a better place. Share your smile with all you meet. Smile at everyone, everything, and nothing. You will receive a million smiles back.

Don’t worry.  Remember the old song…don’t worry, be happy,? Try singing the words or humming the tune and realize whatever happens, happens. Learn to roll with the punches. Be flexible and reap the rewards of a few broken rules.

I’d love to hear from you after you have tried breaking a few of your rules. The more we can enjoy life, enjoy others, a free feeling in our lives, the better we can break the rules and roll in the pleasant time of the present.

I want to pass on to all of you a phrase by Emily Dickenson:  “I dwell in possibilities.”

May you have nothing but possibilities pop up for you. I also want to thank all my followers,  and if you want to comment, propose new material for my blog, please check out my website: and leave a note in the contact section.I’d love to hear from you.

Hang tight…..the next post will be about demons. Yeah, the monsters we create for ourselves in our lives. We will dig deep and have fun.


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