An IdeaWhat has this got to do with writing? The same thing as living. We need to incorporate these three cs in our daily lives, and this includes writing. I heard an interesting comment this week: write by day and edit by night. Wouldn’t this keep you on your toes and get a lot done? But, I have a life. Yes, we all do, so we need to examine the following.

#1 CONTROL – We need to take charge of our lives. This includes a personal life and a writing life. If you have an outside job, you plan each day for what needs to happen: immediately, able to work in or fit around other items, and schedule for another day. Writing and your personal lives revolve around the same parameters. Sometimes, we need to find our voice and say “no.” Maybe you write better in the morning or you get up and do chores early to write in the afternoon. If there are children, you juggle, but you still control what needs to be done and when.

#2 COMMITMENT TO SELF – You have to make an agreement with yourself and commit to YOUR plan, rules, regulations or whatever you want to name them. If you have always dreamed of writing, then start now with a commitment:  I will write ___ hours a day; ___ a week; ___ hours a month. All of these commitments are there for a purpose–to keep you grounded in your dream. A dream is a wonderful tool and an endorsement to yourself. You need to get your words on paper, computer screen, or even scraps of paper. These words fuel your spirit and mind.

#3 CHALLENGE – All of life is a challenge and sometimes ends like we want, other times the ending is unbelievable. The challenge we put before ourselves can be daunting and exhilarating. Do not go for the routine, head into unknown territory. Stomp, do not tiptoe. Stretch your mind, your body, your attitude, and yourself. You won’t break and look at some of the new lessons you can learn. A challenge gives courage and determination to you. Once the ride starts, you’ll never want to get off or slow down. When one challenge is met, another finds its way to the top. Keep the challenges coming.


This is where you forget the rules, regulations, plans, and schedules. This is where you meet your dream head-on. You create the world you want with the characters you place in this new experience. You create your own town, if fiction, or remember a town from your childhood, non-fiction, BUT you still create. New emphasis on lives, loves, places, seasons, and a little mystery to keep readers turning pages. This is your dream world and with control, commitment, and challenges you can create anything you want. So, what are you waiting for? Go for your dream