Great ImageI can’t get past this drooling period. I think I’m depressed.

As a writer, do you ever experience boredom in your work? You work hard on one scene, but still feel like dullsville in the rest of the story. Did some of this boredom set in with your character(s)?

Stop and go back to the beginning of your story. Read and read again and again. Look at the point of view. Is the third person right for your story or should you try first person? This is simple. Read your story in the different points of view. Does this change energize you, your story and your character(s)? If not, stay on your track.

Names are another challenge with boredom. Do the names of characters fit their personalities of images. Check out the period, locale, age, city, country, and genre. All of these play an important part in your character’s names. Does Susie look and feel more like a Suzanne? Maybe your Charles should take on a more modern name like Todd. There are just a few examples of where to check on your boredom.

Go back to your verbs. Make them active without adverbs. Active verbs add spice and action to your story. Check out all the adjectives. If you have a few, look at your nouns and see of they show the reader and not tell.

Do some of your character’s physical attributes read incomplete? Does the reader know their life’s history? You might find you went overboard on a character’s background or forgot to include something that would increase tension in a scene. Intellectual and emotional characters strike up the curiosity of a reader. Can your characters make the reader feel their heartbeats race, feel anger or fear? Or what about places where your reader would laugh, and then can’t stop crying?

Writing is power. Your writing should create little dramas, which occur in a definite time and place and your reader will know something important is at stake. You are pushing your story with the best creativity you can give your reader.

Now, put your manuscript away for a few days. Forget about boredom and do something fun. When you pick up your story, your passion will be back in full swing. You’ll know what to fix, if any thing needs fixing.

Down with boredom.