unicorn danceThe doorbell chimed and I led the other three writers out the back door to our remodeled back porch. We replaced the outdoor screens with windows, installed a fireplace for cool days of fall, cold days of winter and a waterfall for spring and summer. What shocked them, was a glass cage attached in a corner. Inside was a table, small desk, bookshelves, and all the amenities of the whole porch without intrusion.

“Ladies, welcome to my glass cage. I can see everything and hear nothing. I can be in tune with nature and all of her seasons. Before you leave, you will see the twilight turn into darkness and watch stars sparkle. We all have something different, which represents our writing too. Have you heard from the mystery ladies?”

Heads shook.

“Well, let’s get started. Each one will read their allotted pages and stop. Then say nothing until all of us make our comments or suggestions. Then the writer can address our points.Fair to all of us.”

The evening moved at a fast pace and each writer got good comments and many laughs went around the small table.

“Since this is spring, our treat will be Angle Food Cake with a yogurt topping of your choice; both small in calories.”

‘Hey, we need to let our minds run free and encourage our brains to work better,” one of the group spoke. “We write for our stories and use our imagination, but we have to plot, form, and follow. What if one of us picks a topic and then all of us write whatever comes into our minds.”

Raised eyebrows came, but pens and notebooks began to fill the table.

“The topic for this evening is ‘what wakes you up at 3 a.m.’ Be creative.We have ten minutes and then we read.”

The evening ended in giggles, smiles, laughter, and  whole lot of positive thoughts.

“Guess we are back to Paris next week and maybe our new friends will be with us. They might get a jolt at the way we are improving our retreats.”

As they started to leave, the promised stars shone into the Glass Cage.

“Good Night.”