You look around your new home writing retreat. No, it is not big and some of your research work gets piled up, BUT your family honors your signs, hours, and respects your space.

Your writing has improved and you are not afraid to do revisions. In fact, you went to your critique writing group and got some great positive feedback. Several of your writer friends wanted to get all the information on your new space. So, you pulled out the pictures on your phone, and got some crazy comments. Now you have some assistance to pass around; not on writing,but on home retreats.

Then an idea popped into your head. Instead of going to the group, let the group come to you. Invitations to visit your retreat went over big. Good thing there are only three other writers in the group. A date decided, you get ready for your own writing retreat and share with your group.

Every one shows up and crowds into your small space. There is room enough for each one, pens, pencils, and a writing pad. As all of you work together, there seems to be a more concise effort of writing, revising, new thoughts, and no interruptions. Two hours later, you offer drinks and snacks in your kitchen.

Your writing pals responded with: (1) I must have a retreat in my home. (2) Do you realize we all got a great critique? (3) We had no interruptions from people around us. (4) I want to host the next writers retreat. (5) I felt like we were really at a writer’s retreat.

When everyone left, you walked back inside your new “hidey-hole” and grinned. No, it is not up on a mountain top, or at the beach, but close to home for everyone. And a new creativity hits your brain. With a few funky pictures, each new home retreat can be from a different location, and you can’t wait to share all of your new insights.

These locations can be done with pictures, scents of candles of the location, soft music from the country to set a feeling, and snacks of that location. And guess what, all of you can be wherever your writing takes you. Now, to send out this email.

See you next time, at a new location in a home, and I have no idea where we will be. I’m ready to write and write and write.