Two friends

Hey all of you. We’re back and we’d also like to know where did the time go? We’ve been around for quite a  while and one day we could do the high step to any song. Now we low step to the slower paced music.  Let’s give you some of our own thoughts on the juggle of time.

When you are young, time has no meaning. The younger you are the more you want time to hit the fast track. Then, in your young adult years, you still want time to push ahead and forget to see what goes on around you and with others. In your middle-age years, time becomes a friend and a foe.  A friend in which you can stop, do nothing, catch up on old friends, be yourself. A foe, by which you judge how many years you might have left. In old-age — well look at us. Time has lost its importance and we can now be with our friends, no make-up, no one to say….it’s time…..but never for what. We can be silly, laugh hard, with enough Depends, and enjoy the whole world, smell all the flowers along the sidewalks we want to.

We have also looked at the other side of time and want to share some points with you. So you are a writer and writers need to have lots of time to dream, juggle opportunities, try out new ideas and just when you settle down to do all of this non-writing and psychic yourself to another level — you notice the laundry to get done, the checkbook to balance, the organizing of your bookshelves. All of these outside tasks haunt you. Let them go and go and go. They will always be around, but your new force of energy and thoughts may not. So go with the force of energy. Get your words down, pronto. Do not even think about household chores. Go grab the words out of your head and throw them on the paper or screen. (Note: a pen or fingers on the keyboard.

There may be days when the words fly from your head to your fingers and you cannot miss one second. You are a writer and words are what you need. New words, old words, made-up words, this doesn’t matter as long as they fill the page and the thoughts you have for your new material. In other words, we call this ‘going with the seat of your pants on fire.’

Look at all the things around you. Yeah, things in your home. Can you remember where or when you got this or that? Listen to your children bickering or singing and wonder where they picked up the song or the words they should not use. Yee – gods. Yep you have the beginning of a new character out of listening to chatter.

Ever wonder where you got the energy and the enthusiasm for a scene? Do not wonder. Do not worry. Grab the feel, the sensation, the terrifying moment, and run, do not walk, your fingers to the paper or keyboard. Strike while the flame is hot and you will surprise yourself.

Forget about everything but your writing. Well, not  completely. You do have a family, dinner to cook, and as you look around, you see time isn’t so far off and soon your kids can cook for you, as you keep writing and gathering time as they prepare the meal.

Maybe we need to slide into the background and let you figure out some new insights to your writing time. Just remember, even dust bunnies have stories to tell. Do not let time dictate to you, but turn time into your friend. We are always as close as your computer and SMILE. We’re here for you.

Simplify your time and your writing will get stronger. We will be back with some other suggestions and conclusions to making time last longer. Just look at us and you can see we’ve been around for a while, and we have both decided to stay a while longer.

Until next time,