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Have you ever felt like you’re covered up with EEEEEE MAIL? About the time when you think you’ve gotten to the point of done, the next ten or twelve arrive and the blood seeps to your brain. You are certain you can feel the dripping on your keyboard.

We need everything faster and faster. Ideas sooner and sooner. Instant this. Instant that. Quick and quicker. More and more and more. Can you even remember what a Sunday dinner of pot roast  smells like? What about the fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans? When was the last time you sat down on an Saturday morning at your own table and had sausage and pancakes with the whole family?

We can’t eat all this fat. We don’t have time to cook like our mothers or grandmothers did. We are ……What are we?

Do you remember when you wrote a letter, scribbled funny things on the sides (we would call these margins), licked the envelope, slapped a stamp in the corner and walked to a mailbox? Can you feel the nervousness of waiting for a response? And, when the mailman came and no letter, the let down feeling. As you wanted to cry, scream, yell, the postman returned with an envelope he’d misplaced.  Communication. The written words filled your soul with happiness. You were content to sit down and enjoy every word in the letter.

I went on a short 3-day vacation and returned to EEEEEE Mails.I won’t deny the number of messages were outstanding and I felt wanted and needed, or maybe not. So, little by little, I am learning to slow down, learn how to interrupt the message as to their importance. Then I do not want to give out numbers to people I know.  Even if you divide the number of emails on a certain day into 3’s; some are not going to get answered.

I gave up and went to bed. My dream woke me up screaming and grabbing at hands around my throat. (Still in the dream.) I got up and fired up the computer. I was drowning in messages. I shut the thing down. No more. I will find a solution. I need my sleep toooooo much.

The next morning, I ducked my head, turned away as I hit the on button. Nothing. No emails, No messages. My breath did a huge intake, and then I realized – yes we do need all the communication and made a vow to myself:  30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the late afternoon. My friends and followers need my attention and any help I can give. I do need to be the judge of what’s important and ……yeah you know the rest.

I may not get to every email within 24-hours, but promise you will hear from me in some unique form. Now, I can go to bed, sleep all night, and wake up looking forward to all the mail I receive. And, I promise to all of you, I’ll answer and please take your time to respond, unless I ask for 911 assistance.

May the gods of EEEEEE Mail be with you in all the days, months, and years that follow. Please let me know you’ve smelled a pot roast cooking in your own oven, even if you had to find it; and treasure the family breakfast on a Saturday morning. These are priceless moments and if you are in the middle of a great family conversation…..

EEEEEEE Mails won’t matter.


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