SLEEP, where are you?

What did you say

We can do a lot of things for ourselves, but when It comes to sleep, we let ourselves get caught up in the ‘do what feels good’ era.

How many times do you go to bed, toss and turn, move the pillow over and over, and wonder why your mind does not shut off? Do you know how many hours of sleep satisfy your body? No, not what you think you need, but what your body needs. As we get older and older our sleep patterns change. Research shows we need between 7-10 hours of sleep. OH. NO. Not me. Older people have slept for a lot of their lives, now we can stay awake and enjoy ourselves.

Where have you been? In the less induced stage of sleep? Or have you slept on the same mattress and box springs for the last thirty (30) years? When you get into bed, does your body roll to the center? Do you find yourself hanging on to the edge of the mattress?

Look at another area. Is your bedroom dark? Do the shades keep out street light’s point of view? What about thunderstorms? I can sleep through all the clangs, bellows of the thunder, but let one streak of lightning bolt through the sky.,….Wham, I’m awake.

Things you can do for you and your sleep, which will affect your life and your writing:

Do not watch a murder mystery and flop into bed. You might think this will give you insight as a writer. It will keep you awake, tossing /and turning.

Turn down the temperature. Sure you can feel the snuggle under piles and piles of blankets, but do you smell the allergies and feel the dust bunnies on top of you? What about a soft CD playing sounds of the ocean’s reach to the shore and back out again.

Sleep plays an important part of of life: our moods, alertness, physical appearance, and attitude. We need to eat three meals a day, we need to drink more water, and realize our bodies operate 24/7. Why not give them a break from the harsh reality of daytime living and let us sink ourselves into sleep? Our best dreams come while we are in sleep. This could be our best insight to new and wonderful stories, which lead to new and great novels.

May you have a wonderful sleep tonight. May the gods of sleep be gracious to you. May your brain awaken with a renewed sense and the feel of a fantastic novel be at your fingertips.

Happy dreams.