An Idea

Are you ready to “Launch” yourself? You’re writing and writing and writing and writing. But, are you accelerating your efforts? Are you contributing to the future? Are you getting yourself out to the public?

Yes, your writings and your books are your passions. Now it is time to launch yourself and let others see you, not only as a writer, but as a person who enjoys life and all life has to offer.

You volunteer to help assist students in a writing class and give direction to their writing interests. You take time to work with them, learn their names, and find out some of their passions. You are contributing to their future.

You work with a group at a library to set up writing sessions, critique groups, or suggest new ideas for non-writers to read more. You are pushing yourself forward into others’ lives.

You spend time with people who make you laugh. Writing is a tough world and writers forget there are fun times out there. Enjoy everyone.

Build up your relationships, based on honesty, respect and love. Cultivate your friends through conversations and always make certain to follow through and touch base more often.

Keep yourself in shape. Readers will see you, not just as a writer, but remember your tidbits on health, exercise, and sleep. Sleep gives a refresh to your mind, body and soul.

Give a big smile to all you meet; strangers, old friends, and new friends. A SMILE can say a thousand words and costs nothing to give and priceless to receive.

You can launch yourself every day with new happenings and sharing through the written word. A new blog or an email to keep in touch with your readers and make new readers.

Make time for meditation to relax mentally and physically and live in the moment. Tomorrow is another day and you have to launch yourself every day. This isn’t hard;you just make a launch part of your daily life.

Have a GREAT launch, and happy writing.