Energy and Writing

energy You are at your computer, or have your computer in your lap, or lounging on the sofa with your feet propped on the coffee table. You are intense and need those last paragraphs to roll off your finger tips. Your temples pound, the back of your neck aches, and you can feel your eyes go to the bloodshot stage.

What you need is energy. A movement in your body and mind which transports you away from your thoughts and gives you a boost.Times like these, coffee is not the answer. No tea either and definitely not a glass of ‘whatever.’

Your body needs to stretch and twist. Get off the sofa, get out of the chair, and head to the door. If it is raining, or cold, or ya just don’t wanna, okay. I have a few tips for you and they begin with your stereo, I-Pad, a Shuffle, and even the old-fashioned radio stations. Crank up the sound, get some great beats to the music, and dance. Hey, no one is around and you can shake, rattle, and roll all you like. Grab the dust mop handle and you now have a partner to twirl around.

With all these great instruments giving you energy, add in some neat exercises. Can you stand on your toes and wave your arms in the opposite direction? What about balance? Can you hold up one knee and kick the other knee at the same time? Now, a good stretch and bend.

Are you energized yet? NO? How long has it been since you waltzed around a room? Try the 1, 2, 3 step and twirl. Next, go for the Cha-Cha and swing those hips.What about a dance on Broadway. Kick your legs high and pretend to do one of the ‘can-can’ steps.

No room to rock and roll? No problem. Get on the floor and stretch your body from top to bottom. This means arms overhead and feet pushed out. Roll your head from left – to center – to right and back the same way. Have you ever wanted to stick your neck out, along with your tongue? Now’s the time, but add the roar of a Lion to add spice. Keep stretching until there is no muscle left in your body to push and pull.

Now, get comfortable with your body, take deep breaths, inhale and exhale through your nose, and let the natural movements calm your thoughts. If you want to do an ummm-ummm, hit the sound. Is your mind clear, your thoughts out of reach, and your soul quiet? Listen to your breaths and let life give you the quiet of the moment.

You open your eyes and bingo, a new idea has hit and your fingers are ready to run over the keyboard. Energy comes in many different forms. Take time from your writing to find your own new energy path. You’ll be surprised when new positive actions hit your writing, and at the time you need an extra boost.

Energize yourselves and Energize your writing.

Happy Writing.