Creativity At Work For Marketing

An Idea

Yes, my friends had some interesting points for marketing, many years ago. This got me to thinking of marketing now, in 2013.

For a writer/author, they need to get their brand out to a lot of people, and this includes readers. On the road to publishing, a writer needs a platform, contacts in all areas, social media, writer organizations, blogs, websites, critique partners, workshops, and the list can go on and on and on.

I watch some television, but with the sound off. Why? Because, if I am revising or writing, my head needs to be in my work/scenes and not on the program. Then an idea hit me and I stopped writing and started looking at a mute television. No. Not the shows, but the commercials. You can learn a lot with commercials sans sound.

Which commercials? Any and all, but you have to think with a marketing head. How do you get hooked in? What does a commercial offer you, even if you have no use for the product? Do certain movements grab you? What about the colors? Do they irritate you or draw you into the center of the advertisement?

You should have your marketing notebook close and start making notes. What works and what turns you off. Then think of your own marketing plan(s). Without any sound, do language movements draw you inside. Look at the faces. Are they smiling, laughing, having a good time? Do these uplifts give you a joyful, playful attitude?

Do you create yourself or are you created by others? Some serious questions need study and answering. You cannot expect others to create you. This is YOUR work and YOUR story.

This commercial watching is not for a night, but try this for a whole week. You are watching, not listening. Make commercials for yourself and your work. Try an animation procedure, then a serious statement. Experiment with all of your senses and see what your commercial would look like. Watch more and look at your notes. What would you change and why? These are questions you have to sift through and revise your commercial, which is your marketing.

What extra steps can you take to get your work out, in front of your readers, and what part of the commercial will pull them in? Put yourself on the imaginary street corner. Now, what would you “hawk” out to people with your book in your hand?

Thanks to my two friends. They always seem to bring the past into the present. Now, you my readers, what can you do in the present to keep the past alive and awaiting for your next book?

Happy Commercial Watching.