In The Otherlife

The Otherlife

these past two weeks and maybe even more have presented to me an unknown basis. I have experienced problems, stress, new opportunities, and YEEK!  I haven’t posted in two or three weeks. Why? The otherlife wanted to draw me into their side. I do not intend to let this happen.

My computer took a dive into the deep blue sea. I surfed with Vista and Office 2003 for many years. Satisfied and familiar; sure. Then  a new world opened up and I cannot gather all the information I need to comply with this ‘new world.’

I have moved email addresses, bookmarks, and I still do not know if everything is in place. In your later years, all of this consists of learning, learning, and learning before you apply to the open public.  Therefore, I have been negligent with you, my blog followers.

I bow before you. I have a lot more information to share. Some writing, some personal inhibitions, and some ideas to throw out at all of you. Please bare with me and if you have information to share, I’m waiting here with open arms and ears.